The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


22. Movie

The Way I Changed You- Chapter 22:


Throughout the first week back at school I had  gotten closer with Maddison and new much more about her. We had even decided we should go to see a concert that was coming to town next week because we both like the band. I have also talked to Niall about if he liked Maddison in that kind of way that I am implying which is pretty obvious and he said he did. Which made me happy.


Also over the past week I have been hanging out with Harry much more than I have been hanging out with my own boyfriend. I mean I have asked Zayn if he wanted to hang out but he told me he was busy so I then go and ask Harry and he's free. This is one weird world.


"So what would you like to today?" Harry asked taking a seat at the end of my bed.



"I really don't know." I replied honestly.


"We could ask if some of the other want to hang out and we can just eat food and stuff." Said Harry.


"Good idea. Ill call them now." I smiled getting up off my bed and grabbing my phone from my desk.


I rang all of the boys plus Maddison and they all said they would come except for Zayn who again didn't even bother to pick up his phone or answer my text.


"So everyone except for Zayn will be here soon, we just need to get food and maybe a movie or something." I said.


"Ok ill go get the food and movie you set up." He said leaving the house so I could get the lounge room set up. I also texted my mum asking when she would be home and she said she was going to be working another long night and wouldn't be home till about 10pm, the same time everyone would be going home.


"Hello." I heard a shouted from downstairs and from what I could tell I knew it was Louis.


"Hi guys come on in. Harry will be back in a minute or so. So make yourself at home." I said.


Not even a minute later Harry came through the door holding about 3 bags of shopping and two DVD's.


"So what are we going to watch?" Louis asked.


"Horror." Harry replied. 


"No way." I screamed. I cannot stand horror movies at all they scare the crap out of me.


"It's ok you can sit with me." Harry smiled and I agreed.


I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to get some blankets so we did and I decided to snuggle up to Harry. He put his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head on his chest.


The movie they had chosen really scared me a lot. I mean why wouldn't it. I did say I hate horror so for majority of the movie I hid my head in Harry's chest to stop myself from looking at the Tv screen.


"You ok?" Liam asked from my other side. 


"Yeah." I softly replied because it was a complete lie.


"Well we'll watch a happier movie next ok?" 


"Alright." I smiled at Liam and went back to watching the movie.


As Liam had promised once the first movie was over we decided on watching a much happier movie which I ended up choosing which was Monsters Inc. because it was a classic and one of my favourites. Liam was also very happy with my choice as it was Disney and he loves Disney.


When watching this movie I was still cuddled up to Harry. I didn't think it was wrong what I was doing because Zayn hasn't really been around this week. I feel like he hasn't been putting in the effort and that is what your supposed to do in a relationship, isn't it?


                                - - -


I must have fallen asleep through the second movie because I woke up to Harry brushing a hand through my hair smiling down at me. I could tell that all the other boys had left by now because the room was very quiet and the only sound that could be heard was the TV playing some random TV show I had no idea of what it was.


"Had a good sleep?" Harry asked.


"Yeah." I replied.


"Well you fell asleep so when your mum got home she made food and it's in the fridge ready to be reheated, it's pasta. Do you want to share some.?"




He got up and went into the kitchen to reheat the dinner that um had made. As he was doing that I made myself comfortable on the couch getting ready to eat. I was getting pretty hungry even though I ate a lot of food when watching the movies. I heard Harry come back in and I could already smell the steaming hot pasta. It smelt really good. 


"Here you go." He said handing me a plate which had a bowl set on top of it. "Watch out the bowls really hot." He warned.


I thanked him for the food and went on to eat it. It tasted really good, I would have to thank mum for that later. Just siting here with Harry was good enough for me. I felt like I could forget about how much of an idiot I feel like Zayn has been these last couple of days.


Once the food was finished I got up from my spot on the couch and grabbed the other bowl from Harry's hands and took them into the kitchen where I put them in the sink to be washed later.


"Well I should get going." Harry said walking towards me. He gave me a big, long hug which I loved. I then reluctantly pulled away from him so I would be able to go and open the front door for him because I am a nice person. But when I did pull away from the hug it felt as though he didn't want to pull away either, but he knew that he had to.


"Ok, well i'll see you at school, ok."


"Yeah." he sighed walking out he door. But not without turning around and waving at me.


I closed the door and went upstairs. Once in my room I got ready for bed. Once in bed I let all of my thoughts out. Thinking about how Harry made me feel today. He made me happy and all the other things that Zayn has made me feel. It's as if I am supposed to be with him instead of Zayn but i'll never know.

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