The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


16. King and Queen

A/N: Sorry for this being such a short chapter I just really wanted you guys to know who the king and queen were and I just didn't know what else to write:)

And the King and Queen for 2013 are…


“Harry Styles and Becca Anderson.”


Oh my god. I got Queen. This is so cool, but Zayn didn’t get king which is a shame because I would have loved for him to get king that would have made my night.


Harry’s P.O.V:


So I just got King, but this really isn’t my type of thing. Maybe I should just let Zayn have it and maybe be will be happy. You know what that is an amazing ideas if I do say so myself.


Becca’s P.O.V:


After hearing my name being called out I walked up onto the stage to get given my tiara. It looked so nice and didm;t weigh that much either. As I looked out into the crowd I could see Zayn wasn't looking as happy as he had been only a few short minutes ago.


Harry getting given his crown had brought me out of my thoughts the only thing was Harry was holding his crown, not wearing it.


"Excuse me, sorry." Harry started. "I would like to say I am so happy you chose me but I don't feel like I deserve to be the one up here right now with this crown after was has been going on lately. I know someone who is more worthy of this crown than me and deserves it so much more than me and that person if Zayn Malik." Harry finished.


I immediately went and hugged Harry.


"Thank you so much." I gushed as Zayn walked up on stage and took the crown out of Harry's hands.


"Well there you go the King and Queen of 2013 Zayn Malik and Becca Anderson."


                                             - - -

One week later and I still can't get over the fact I won Queen, but at the moment there are more important things to think about like this maths test I have tomorrow which is killing me because in all honesty I suck at math.


"So how do we do this?" Zayn asked from beside me.


"I don't have a clue. Niall?" I asked.


"Don't know either." He replied.


Ok, so now no one knows what were doing what is the point of even studying. We then decided to just watch some TV whilst talking about random things until my mum got home and the two boys left so I could have some time with my mother.


                           - - -


Monday. The day of the maths test that I haven't really studied for. The test that I know I am going to fail. UGH.


I walked into the classroom and sat down in my normal seat which is in-between Zayn and Niall. They both look as nervous as me because I mean we have to pass this maths test or we could fail the class. So that is why this test is important.


"Ok class time for you to start the test. You may flip over your papers and start filling it out and don't forget to put your name on the front of the booklet." The teacher said as all that could be heard was paper and pencils.


                                             - - -


By the end of the test I was actually pleased with the amount I got done  even though I probably got most of them wrong. The other two felt the same, so we decided to go out for a snack after school to celebrate how well we think we did on the horrible maths test from hell.

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