The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


21. Back to School

School. Have I ever told you how much I hate school. I mean I get to see my friends again and some sort of drama is probably going to go down at some point in the next couple of weeks but thats just what happens in high school.


I walked through the front doors of the school and straight to my locker where I saw Niall leaning on it.


"Hello Niall." I said pushing his shoulder to get him out of the way.


"Hey stranger." He replied.


"I am not a stranger." I yelled back at him as we made our way to home room which we both shared with each other.


"So how was you break?" I asked Niall. 


"Amazing." He said in a soft voice that got me wondering.


How so?" I asked.


"Well you see the thing is, I met a girl." He smiled. "She is new to town, but she is amazing and actually moved in across the road from me. We've hung out a few times and she's met Louis already but hasn't met Zayn, Harry or Liam yet but she will soon. And I also cannot wait for her to meet you. She actually is going to school here so you can meet her later" He said.


"Ok I would love to meet her to. Whats her name?"


"Maddison." He said with dreamy eyes. He must really like this girl, I thought.


Once that talk was over the bell that signalled the end of home room and the start of first class went off and that meant that according to my new timetable for this term I have english first which I have already checked is the same as Zayn.


"Ok well I'll see you later. And you better bring Maddison to lunch with you. I cannot wait to meet her." I said walking out the door and heading towards English. Half way there I felt someone take my hand and intertwine their fingers and I knew it would be Zayn. Who else.


"Hey." He said turning me so he could give me a quick kiss.


Hey." I replied back walking to a good enough table for two.


"So hows your timetable looking?" I asked.


"I don't know, have a look at it." He said handing me the sheet of paper.


I looked at it and saw that this semester Zayn was taking some good classes like English, which he has with me. Music which I think the other boys will defiantly be in. Art which sounds nice. P.E which he also has with me. Maths which I hate and Science which I also hate. At least we have english together.


"So have you heard about Niall." I said trying to start a quick conversation before the class started..


"What about him?" Zayn questioned.


"Well in home room he was telling me about this new girl he's met who moved in across the road from him and is also at this school."


"Oh, well thats good." Zayn said.


"Yeah it sounded like he really liked her." I said. "Well all thats left is finding a girl for Harry."


"Well like thats going to be easy." Zayn sighed.


I didn't bother questioning him on it because it sounded like I wasn't even supposed to hear what he said so I think I will just forget about it.


"Good morning class…" Miss Carlson went on about what was going to be happening in English this semester and went into a little bit of detail as to what books and plays we would be studying in English. At least the way she explained it, this class didn't sound as boring as it usually is when I have done English before.


For this period she said that we had to work in pairs and read over a section of a random book she gave each pair and talk about what the underlying thees are of this book from what had been read. Well obviously I chose to work with Zayn. We read over our section and gave a good speech on what the themes were. Then I just zoned out until the bell went signalling it was time to get to my next class which was Textiles. 


"See you at lunch." I said to Zayn giving him a hug and walking towards my Textiles class. On the way there I saw a girl who looked a bit lost and thought that maybe she was one of the many new students we had starting at this school for the new semester. So I decided to try my luck and see if she needed any help.


"Excuse me, do you need any help?" I smiled at the girl who looked relieved as I spoke to her.


"Yeah. I am wondering where the Textiles room is?" She asked in a low, shy voice.


"Well I'm going there right now so follow me." I said leading the way.


I found out as we were walking that her name is Maddison and I asked is she new a boy names Niall and she said that she moved in across the road from him. So I now knew this is the Maddison he was talking about. I told her about how I was friends with Niall and also told her that I wanted to be her friend. Which she found very nice of me.


In this class the teacher just made us draw some designs of different dresses and things like that to get and idea of how confident we were with this type of thing. She also told us a bit about what was going to happen in this class and what type of garment we would be making later on in the year.


                                    - - - 


"Hello everyone." I sort of shouted randomly taking a seat in-between Zayn and Louis on our lunch table. They all replied with a chorus of hey's or hi's back.


We all got talking about our classes so far but that was after Niall had introduced Maddison to Liam, Zayn and Harry. She had told Niall about how me and her are in the same Textiles class and he was also happy for her making friends. 


The group of us spent the remainder of lunch going over what we had done with our breaks like how Liam had met up with Danielle a few times and same goes for Louis and Eleanor as well.


                                    - - - 


The rest of the classes for me went well. I had P.E with Liam and Maths with Harry and Science I had with Louis and Niall which worked out. Which only left me with one class I had with none of the boys or Maddison but I was ok with that.

                                    - - -


"So I heard that you met up with Harry while you were away." Zayn said as we were walking home after school.


"Yeah, his family is actually from the same place I used to live." 


"Cool. So what did you two do?" He asked.


"Well at first I didn't even know Harry was there until I saw him talking to my mum and grandparents in the kitchen. Then after I had breakfast we decided to go into town for a little bit and we also visited the bakery he used to work in. Then we went back to his house to watch a movie then I went home." I said.


"Oh ok." Zayn said, sad?


"Are you ok?" I questioned.


"Yeah." He sighed letting go of my hand which meant we were at home. But I wonder why he was acting weird. Well thats something I'll save for another time.


"Ok, well I'll see you tomorrow ok." I smiled up at him giving him a quick kiss.


"Yeah you will." He laughed. Weird how his mood changed so quickly. Giving me a kiss back and walking down the street off to his house.


I was the only one home when I got inside so I decided on just watching TV until mum came home and made dinner. Which as always tasted amazing. She ended up asking me the normal questions about how my first day went and I replied. Thinking back on earlier it seemed as though life was great. But I don't think this is going to last that long.

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