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It's time to tackle your inner chef! This Movella is for anyone who loves to cook, loves to bake, or loves to eat. I'll be posting various different recipes for so many different foods. From snacks to desserts. From easy to difficult. You're bound to find something to suit your fancy. Let's get cooking!


2. Mac & Cheese

I love mac and cheese SO MUCH. It's some of the best comfort food out there. If I could eat this everyday, I would. Since this recipe only asks for ONE pot, there isn't that much cleaning to do. Try this, and you'll be addicted Just don't overcook your pasta!

Stove-top Mac & Cheese:


2 cups large elbow Macaroni, uncooked 2 cups low fat Milk, or more if needed (have additional milk on hand, or be ready to increase the heat if your macaroni doesn't absorb fast enough.) 1 tablespoon butter 1/2 teaspoon Mustard powder 1 teaspoon Salt, plus additional for final season later generous dash of Nutmeg 1 cup Grated Cheese, ANY KIND YOU WANT additional toppings: bacon bits, bread crumbs, chopped parsley, diced tomatoes (optional)


1. Place raw elbow macaroni in colander and quickly rinse under water. Let drain.

2. In medium sauce pan (about 3.5 qt), add milk, raw elbow macaroni, salt, butter, mustard powder and nutmeg.

3. On medium heat, slowly bring milk/macaroni mixture to a simmer, stirring the macaroni frequently as it comes up to a simmer. This will separate macaroni and keep them from sticking together. DO NOT LEAVE THE STOVE! The milk mixture will come to a boil very quickly and leaving it unattended will leave a big mess on your stove stop.

4. Once mixture comes to a simmer, immediately turn down heat to LOW. Macaroni will slowly cook in the milk. Having your heat too high will evaporate the milk too quickly!

5. Continue to stir the mixture frequently so that macaroni will cook evenly and absorb milk evenly. If you don't stir your mixture frequently, you will get a big clump of macaroni in the end! Stir it!

6. Cook for about 15-20 minutes or until milk has been fully absorbed.

**If macaroni is not cooked fully, add a little more milk or water  to mixture ( in small amounts) until macaroni is fully cooked. This will take about another 5 minutes.

7. When milk has evaporated, stir in grated cheese of your choice. Stir the  cheese evenly into the macaroni.

8. Turn off heat. Place lid on top of pan and cover for about 5 minutes. This rest period will allow macaroni to plump up and absorb any excess milk.

9. Take a final taste and add additional salt to taste. Before serving, stir one final time to mix everything together.

Serve immediately.



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