The Gym Teacher

"Love has a crazy way of finding you, some people say that you'll never find the one your meant to be with. But i have, but theres one problem about it. He's six yeas older than i am, and he's my gym teacher." -Jennifer Henderson


2. Most Secret, Secret = Known by The Whole School.

I walk into te school and smile at everyone who looks at me. Just another typical day. Although, I'm getting more attention from boys then normal, don't really know why, and I don't really care. I'm not some kind I whore who would sleep with every guy I've seen. In fact, I've never even slept with anyone, which is what my mum wants. I don't know why my mother is so protective of me, I'm probably the only girl in the world that is the way I am. Not sleeping around, no drugs or beer what-so-ever. She's just really protective because she'll think that I'm turning into her if she wasn't. My mum was the school slut while she was in high school, she slept with almost every boy who looked at her, it was mostly her fault though, she was the one who got herself a boob job at the beginning of 10th grade. She used to go out partying and get drunk, she got expelled from this school that I go too, I was born when she was 19. Her mother hasn't spoken to her since I was born, I don't even know why we're going to visit her this Friday If they hate each other. At least I finally get to meet her.

I open my locker and put my book bag on one of the hooks, along with my jumper then grab my note book for health. I hate health, it disgusts me. I guess it's just stuff that will eventually happen in life. I shut my locker and begin walking down the long, crowded corridor. Niall runs down the hall, from the direction he needs to be going, and stands right in front of me causing me to stop walking.
"Hello der" I say making Niall laugh. I grin and we walk side by side. We both have health right now, and we normally walk to school together, but since little Nialler got a girlfriend, we haven't walked together. I'm proud of him for getting a girlfriend, he was so worried that be would never have one. "How's Em?"
"She's good, she has new twin brothers. I saw them this morning before we left, thy are so cute. They're only four weeks old." Niall explains and I smile. He's like obsessed with babies. We walk the rest of the way in silence. Once we get to class he breaks away from me and goes to his group and weird friends, and I go my group of even weirder friends.
"Morning Jen. Get your phone back from little mrs slut?" Amber asks me, glancing in Jessica's direction. I shake my head while opening my note book and sucking my cheeks in. "Don't worry babe, we haven't heard anything, so chances are nothing has been said yet. Plus if Jessica says shit, I'll find her and beat her senseless"
"You're such a bad person." I tell Amber as Mr Styles walks into the room. "But that's why I live ya." She grins and leans back in her chair as mr styles starts talking. I glance at Jessica and notice her staring at me. Wow, I even attract bitchy female attention. That's just what I wanted all my life. I turn back to Mr Styles who is fixing his hair. When he looks back up he looks directly at Amber with a super sexy look in his eyes. I heard Amber sigh beside me.
She is in love with Mr Styles, at first I thought she was crazy for loving a teacher, I just thought it was really weird. But now, I understand what she means, I'm sorta in love with Liam, he's really, really cute, I mean how could I not. I lean back in my chair and stare at the front of the class, really not paying any attention to Mr Styles.
After about twenty more minutes the bell rings. I smile and collect my things before leaving the class with Niall by my side again. My next class is gym, Niall has Art. I feel bad for him in art, he has no artistic skills what-so-ever, although, seeing what he comes up with is hilarious. We part again and I head down the hall to gym. I reach the locker room and shove through the crowd standing at the entrance of te locker room. I go to my locker and quickly unlock it before pulling my clothes out. When I turn around I was shocked to see Jessica standing In front of me holding my phone in he hand. I glair at her and try to te by her but she pushes me back into the locker. The locker room was beginning to clear, perfect
opportunity for Jessica to beat me up.
"Don't you want something, you fake boobed whore." She says. I roll my eyes. Yeah I got a boob job too, but that's cause my mum is mean and made me get it. My mum may be protective, but when it comes to what she wants, she can be the worlds biggest bitch.

"C'mon Jennifer, all you gotta do is admit I'm better then you and you can have your sweet little phone back, and the whole school won't find out about your emo secrets and boob implants. Your faker then me Jennifer, do you want everyone to know that?"
"Look, I don't care what you do. You'll be the one getting in trouble for stealing me personal stuff and spreading personal secrets. Enjoy your life of having no friends, and being the worlds biggest bitch." I tell her while patting her back and walking by her. She seemed kinda pissed at me, not that I really care, I mean she's really nothing to me. Just as I'm about to enter the changing area I feel Jessica's small hands on my back, before feeling pressure and running into the door. I end up hitting my head really hard on the changing areas door.
"Next time, think twice about what you say, or it will be a lot worse next time. Be ware, by this afternoon, the whole school will know your secrets." Jessica says before turning on her heels and walking away. I groan and use the wall to help myself up. I walk over to the mirror and gasp when I see my face, yeah I'm dramatic. I sigh and grab some paper towel before throwing my stuff back in my locker and locking it before heading to the gym. When I get there Liam looks at me and I swear his jaw almost hits the floor. He stops watching everyone running laps and runs over to me.
"What happened?" Liam asks me moving the paper towel away from my face to reveal my bloody lip. He lets a small gasp escape his lips. I look away from him and take the paper towel off my face and throwing it in the garbage and lean against the wall. "Was it Jessica?"
"Yes." I manage to say. Mr Payne nods and assesses the students to do ten extra laps before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the gym. "Liam I don't want to go to the principle. It's just going to make everything worse." I say pulling my hand away from him. He looks around and leans against the wall. "Jessica is doing very thing she can to make my life miserable. Nothing will work. You can't change anything and neither can I. Please Liam, just leave it. I do-"
I was I interrupted by a loud squeak through the loud speaker. "Hello students. You may know me as one of you, a student, but you'll never know my true identity. I would like to tell you something about your beloved class mate, Jennifer Henderson. She isn't the sweet, little girl you all think you know. She's a liar. You wanna know something, she's cut," I look at Liam who was obviously aware that it was Jessica. He looks at me, he must have noticed that I was about to burst into tears. "That's right, she's not perfect, she's a emo loser. Thank you have a nice day."
"Jennifer," Liam says trying to get me to stay with him. I just shake my head and turn before running down the hall letting tears fall from my sore, tired and stinging eyes.

Liam POV

I watch as Jennifer runs down the hall, crying. She did completely nothing to deserve this. She's so beautiful, personally I think she's perfect. I've known her for three years, yeah she might have made a fue mistakes, but that is no reason for Jessica to treat her like this. Wait, why the hell am I still standing here, why am I not going after her?
I begin running after her. I notice her turn into the girls locker room. I sigh and tell her name, no response, but I also knew no one was down there. I enter the locker room and I could hear sobs coming from the changing area. I follow the sobs, it really wasn't that hard to find her. I saw her, a blade on her wrist.
"Jennifer!" I say running over to her. She looks up. Tears stained her cheeks. She looked like a mess. I take the blade out of her hands and throw it across the room. She sighs and wipes the tears off her cheeks. I notice blood coming from a small cut on her wrist. I kneel down next to her and pull her into a hug. "Jennifer, your beautiful. Don't let Jessica get to you, especially because your so muh better than her. You so nice Jen, she may have told everyone you cut, but you know what, if any of your friends stop liking you because of it, they never were true."
"Liam, you just don't understand. I've been through stuff like this since the beginning of secondary school. I just thought that maybe," Jennifer pauses wiping a tear off her cheek. "That maybe this year would be different."
"You make it all you can. It's only January, you have five months left. Don't think that it will never gt better," I pause helping her up off the cold ground. "If you want, you can stay in my office for the rest of the day so you don't have to hear any of the bullshit people are saying, but just remember that you can't hide away forever."
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