The Gym Teacher

"Love has a crazy way of finding you, some people say that you'll never find the one your meant to be with. But i have, but theres one problem about it. He's six yeas older than i am, and he's my gym teacher." -Jennifer Henderson


1. Falling For My Teacher

I run up to my gym teacher, mr Payne, and place my hands on my knees while panting. Mr Payne smiles at me before typing something on his computer, sitting on the stage. I watch as the other students in this gym class continue to run the seventeen laps were supposed to do. I don't understand why they find it so hard. Then again, half of them are over weight, and the other half are too good to run, like the stupid popular girls, hate them so much. Mr Payne hands me a water bottle and I thank him before chugging the water back in one swift move.

"Why didn't you join the cross country team? You would have been the star." Mr Payne tells me, still keeping his eyes on the students who are barely even trying. I catch my breath, before jumping onto the stage and taking a seat. Mr Payne looks at me and smiles. "Cause instead of having active people like you, we have slow weirdos who are too good for the team, I don't even understand why they tried out for the team."
"I just couldn't. I have to be with my mum on Fridays. I don't know why Friday is such a big deal to her," I pause pulling my tank top up a little, after noticing some boys staining at me as they run by. I'm active, fit, heathy, but I have huge boobs, and of course that's what the boys love. "This Friday, were supposed to go see my great grandma, she's in the hospital, cancer I think." I explain and mr Payne nods looking back at the kids running. He yells at one o the girls for walking and tells them to speed up. "But other the days of th week I got nothing."
"Cool, at least you still have time for yourself." He says sitting next to me and cupping his hands under his chin. I just nod and lean against the wall. "The bells gonna ring in five minutes if you wanna go change. It's always good to be changed before everyone else."
"Alright." I say jumping off the stage and walking of the gym. I walk down the long hallway and stop at a group of pictures from 2007. Mr Payne was one of the students here, 07 was his senior year. His full name is Liam Payne. So if he graduated in 2007, that means he was 18, so since its 2013 now he is 23. Maybe next time he says 'guess my age' someone will finally get it right. I sigh and continue on my way down the hall, looking at pictures from years past. Things haven't changed very much in the three years I've been in this school, still the same old school.
I head into the locker room and look around, I've never been in here when it's empty, it's actually kinda creepy. I just shrug off the feeling that someone is watching me and walk to my locker, number 279. I carefully put my combination in and pull the lock off. I pull my shorts and graphic tee out an walk over to the changing area. I step into a changing locker thing and lock the door. The girls locker room is right beside the boiler room, so I could hear all kinds of weird noises, I was a little scared. After I finish changing, I walk out of the changing booth and back to my locker, which I left unlocked. Before putting my gym clothes in I reach for my phone, but I couldn't find it. Shouldn't have ignored the feeling that someone was watching me, now they stole my phone. I through my clothes in my locker and pull my sneakers on my feet before walking out of the locker room. Just as I'm exiting te locker room the bell rings, great.
"Mr Payne!" I yell when seeing him outside of the gym. His head snaps up in my direction, he flashes me a sweet smile. I walk over to him and sigh. "My phone was stolen out of my locker. Is there anyone else you let out early?"
"No, but mrs Lillian let out..... Jessica, I think that's who she said." Liam tells me. I groan. Jessica has had it out for me since I first came to this shook, all because I got a couple friends for being the sweet innocent girl that never swears, and she was the stuck up rich girl that treated everyone like crap. Liam continues to talk as the second bell rung. "You go to class, I'll have mrs Lillian talk to Jessica. Don't worry, we'll figure something out. Just a quick question, was there anything personal on that phone, other then phone numbers?"
"Uh, yeah. I had all my family information, where I live, umm that's basically it, oh and texts to my best friend about like secrets that I would only trust her with." I explain and mr Payne nods an tells me they'll have a look. I thank him before running down the hall to my locker. I'm already late, no need to be any later. I open my locker and grab everything I need for history before heading to history class. I walk in and explain why I'm late and since I'm such a good student, the teacher lets me go. I smile and sit next to my best guy friend, Niall Horan.
He's from Ireland but he's staying with my family for a little while. His parents are trying to find a job here in Wolverhampton, but they're really not having very much luck. So they're staying in Ireland, and Niall is staying with me and my family until they find something. I really don't mind Niall through, he's a sweet guy. He loves to laugh, he knows how to make me smile, but he has horrible gas issues, not that I care, my little brother isn't any better. Niall also has something against paying attention in school, so I always have to help him out with school. He's pretty good in history, it interests him, but stuff like science, maths, and English, he doesn't pay attention in. English, i don't understand though because its his language. He speaks it everyday. I sometimes wondering if maybe, Ireland has a second language. I know England's second language is French, but isn't Ireland part of England. I should pay attention a little more too.
"Where were you, you're never late for class." Niall whispers still staring at the front. I open my binder and sigh, I forgot my homework, fantastic.
"Someone stole my phone, mr Payne said he thinks its Jessica, so they're going to talk to her. I kinda agree, Jessica has had it out for me for a long time. I just hope thy find whoever it is." I say staring the front as well. Niall nods and hands his homework to Mrs Plimmith. She gives me a dirty look when I explain that I forgot my homework, if only looks could kill. I lean back in my chair and Niall finally looks at me. I look at him and smile. He reaches across the isle between us and pokes my dimple. "You have a thing for poking my dimple, don't you?"
"Yeah, they're cute. Mr Styles is the only other person I know with dimples, but he's health, and I don't really like health." Niall explains and I just roll my eyes. He has a strange obsession with my dimples, not that I care, half my friend love to poke them. It bugs me though, I could be hanging out with my best friend, Amber, and she would make me laugh, just to poke my dimple. I've grown fond of it though. Sometimes when she try's to make me laugh I just shake my head. "But, I wouldn't walk up to Mr Styles and poke his dimple, he would think I'm insane."
"Well you are, you can't deny it Horan." I tell him and he rolls his eyes. The rest of class went by in a breeze. After I put everything in my locker and begin on my way to my friends locker, I end up running into Mr Payne half way. "Hey, find anything out?"
"Yeah, I was just on my way to find you. I need to talk to you, sorry that I'll be taking out of your lunch, have any friends you need to inform that you'll be talking to me for about twenty minutes?" Liam asks and I point to Amber. Mr Payne nods and follows me over to her. Amber smiles at me and tells me that she tried texting me. I explain to her what happened and tell her that I'll be with mr Payne. She nods and tells me that she'll buy me something for lunch. I give her a hug before walking off with mr Payne to his office. He shuts the door behind him and I sit in the chair across from his. "So we did talk to Jessica, she admitted pretty easily. But she wouldn't give it back. She's quite the bitch. Anyway, she said that she wouldn't give it back till she knows 'all your secrets' and she said she would let the whole school know. But, we've informed the principle and everyone who's important."
"So she's going to tell everyone things I don't want anyone to know," I suck my cheeks in holding back my tears that were threatening to fall, why was I about to cry? I have no idea. "That's just great, the idea to ruin my life is now in effect."
Liam stands and sits on the arm of the chair. "Don't say that, Jessica is a bitch, we all know that," I look at him while wiping a tear off my cheek. He rubs my back and continues on. "It may be her goal to ruin your life, but I know exactly what it's like to be where you are. I went to this school, the three years I was here, I was a complete underdog, I was treated horribly, I had one friend, who eventually left me. But you know what Jennifer, your better then so many people, your so sweet, people would be lucky to have you as a friend. In fact, it may not be the best news for you but I'm your friend. I don't mean we have to hang out and stuff, but I was in the same boat as you in high school, so in here if you ever need to talk."
"Thanks mr Payne," I say and he tells me I can call him Liam. I smile and reach for a tissue. I wipe below my eyes and sigh. "I guess I'll deal with what ever comes my way, I mean, it can't be horrible. The worst thing on there is when I had a break down and......" I trail off remembering what I had done. I put my right hand on my left wrist, covering my scars. Liam looks down and takes the hand off my back and puts it on my wrist. "I cut Liam." I tell him, the only adult that I have ever told.
He embraces me in his arms as I let a small tear slip down my cheek. I felt his lips press against my head, it was weird that I got shivers from it. "Just know your better then that, know that you have Amber sticking up for you, and that Irish guy I've seen you with. Your so beautiful too, don't take that in a creepy way, and your worth so much. Please, just remember that next time okay?"
I sigh as he lets go of me. I look at the mascara smudge on his t-shirt. He glances at it and just shrugs. "Thank you so much Liam. I guess I've just been insecure about myself, I wasn't sure how to deal with anything so I thought the razor was the only answer. Your the only person who's ever said something like that to me. Thank you."
He smiles and hugs me before sending me away. I wipe my tears when I'm in the hall and look around for Amber. I have never expected any teacher to support me like that. I knew Liam was a sweet teacher when I first met him, but I didn't know he would be that supportive to me. Truly I think I'm falling for my teacher, it's weird, but it's true.
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