~Finding Liam~

He left! Where is he? He won't talk to me or any of the boys!! :'( I shouldn't have said that... it's a long story. I will tell you, but it will take a while. It all started like this...


2. Promise? :( x

I ran to the bedroom, locking the door behind me. Liam knocked on the door, "Alexis. Lex, please?" I leaned my back against the door, "Liam..." He was crying also, "Love, listen. Please open the door so I can hug you to death." I smiled, lightly, "Hehe. Liam, you promise you aren't going to break up with me?" He grabbed the key from on top of the door. Crap. I should have remembered. He opened the door, slightly, which made me get up. He looked into my eyes, grabbed my hands and interlocked our fingers, "I promise I will never break up with you just because you're pregnant, Lex." I smiled, "Liam James Payne, I love you." He laughed, "Alexis Nicole Carter, future Payne, I love you too." I giggled, and kissed his lips, "I love you more." He raised an eyebrow, "Pssh. Not possible!" I pulled away, "Yes! I love you more than any and everything!!" He sighed, "You win." I  smirked, "Ha!! Oh, wanna invite Harry over? We can listen to Taylor's new song about him." He laughed, "Sure. I guess we need to tell everybody." I looked at my stomach, "Aargh. I'm gonna get fattt." He laughed, "No you won't. You're gonna look pretty." I groaned and walked downstairs, "I'm calling Eleanor!!!" He laughed, "I'll call the boys."


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