~Finding Liam~

He left! Where is he? He won't talk to me or any of the boys!! :'( I shouldn't have said that... it's a long story. I will tell you, but it will take a while. It all started like this...


1. Big News :) x

It was a really long day. I just got in from work, and Liam is asleep on my couch. I giggled at his sight. I sat next to him and whispered in his ear, "Liam. Hey, babe." He woke up and smiled, "Hey, love. How was your day?" I nodded, "Ummm...interesting." He sat up, "What happened?" I bit my lip, "Well, I found out...," I was about to start crying. He looked at me and held me close, "Alexis. Tell me, babe. What's wrong? What did you find out?" I smiled, and cried, "You're gonna be a dad, Liam." He stared at me, then the ground, then back at me, "Wh-what?" I gulped, "I...I just found out..." Liam looked up at me, "I...I don't know what to say." I screamed gently, "I don't want you to break up with me because of this!" I got up, and ran to the bedroom.

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