Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


12. Pills



Harrys out, he had to go get some groceries and see the boys about somthing. good. 

I stand in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. My blond hair is tide up high on my head in a messy bun, my mascara is running down my face and my blue eyes are brighter then ever, they are alive. I grip the bench tightly to steady myself, I cant stop sobbing. My heart is leaping in my chest, I reached out to a small bottle of pills that I had placed on the bench a moment before, I un-screw the lid, my hands shaking so much that I drop it and it clatters onto the floor, making me jump. 


I walk into our bedroom, over to the wardrobe, I move to Harrys section and find his favorite coat. I hold it up to my face and breath in deeply, then I decide to put it on, It is too big and hangs down to my thighs and over my hands. 

"Im so sorry Harry" I cry into the fabric "I'm so fucking sorry" 

I walk back into the bathroom and take out my hair, I brush it slowly each stroke making me cry harder and harder. I don't bother to apply more mascara because it just keeps running but I put on some bright red lipstick on and I keep Harrys coat on, I wear my best dress underneath... the same one I wore to Mays funeral

"Casey stop, stop please" my mind was telling me "Casey please, please, please" It was begging me not to do it and for a while I actually believed it but I also believed that I was a useless bitch that murdered her best friend. I was nothing and really I just had to keep telling myself that. 

This is what I deserved 

This is what May wants


I hold them in my had and breath deeply, I don't want to do it but this is what has to happen. I just have to keep looking at my face, the face of a murderer. I put them in my mouth with quivering hand.


I sob heavily and drop to my knees, I hug my arms into my chest and rock back and forth. I slowly feel the affect of the pills on me.

I had to many


My vision starts to blur and i am suddenly looking at the ceiling, my chest rises and falls I can hear my heart beating, it pound in my ears. I feel like I am floating, it feels good, nothing ha really felt good i a while. I can feel myself slipping away into blackness. I can hear the front door open and close, Harry shouts something from down the hall and the sound travels to my ears in waves. Suddenly he is above me shaking me, he is screaming,

"CASEY NO, CASEY PLEASE, OH GOD CASEY"! he shakes my body but I feel nothing, he is crying too and blackness clouds my vision, I find myself smiling. Harry sobs over me, kissing my face. i cant feel it though but it makes me sad, no more Harry. Hes still screaming to me but I cant hear anymore. I finally fade away and the last thing I think is... 





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