Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


4. Passion


I wake up feeling groggy and tired, Casey had another bad dream last night, it had been worse than the others. Casey had been acting different since Mays death, I mean of course she's going to be dejected but theres something else I have noticed, something thats not sorrow or depression........gilt. Major gilt. I want to ask her what it is but I don't think she will take it well. I just want things to get better, I want Case to be happy again, I want us to love each other like we used to, I want to wake up and find her smiling at me, I want to find that twinkle back in her blue eyes but none of this will happen for a while, maybe ever again. I get up and have a shower, Casey is still sound asleep. After I shower, get dressed and have breakfast I decide to call the boys over, I needed them. Niall answers the phone.

"Hey Harry, how are you, hows Case"? he asks 

"Im okay but Casey's not" I slump onto the couch and put my feet up on the coffee table "I don't know what to do" my voice cracks. 

"aw mate, it will get better i promise" 

"yea Niall but what if it doesn't, May was her best friend" I swallow hard, waiting for his answer but he is silent. "Niall"?? 

"I'm so sorry that this happened Harry, I'm so so sorry" 

"Its okay, can you guys come over today, I really need you"

I wipe away the tears that settled in my eyes and put the phone down, Niall and the rest of the boys were coming over this afternoon. I had only seen them twice since Mays death and I really missed them. I can hear the shower running which means that Casey's up. I walk down the hallway and stand outside the bathroom. Casey used to sing in the shower but she is silent now, she has an amazing voice we used to sing together all the time. I go and wait in the bedroom for her. 


I get out of the shower and throw on some sweat pants and my big nike jumper, I dry my long blond hair and leave it out hanging down over my shoulders, Put on mascara and lip balm then walk into our room to find Harry sitting on the bed facing the door, he was waiting for me. 

"Hey Haz" I try to sound cheerful for him but he looks stern 

"Casey come here now, please" what is he doing?? He sounds like my father, I walk over and stand right in front of him. He grabs my waist and pulls me on top of him and I straddle his legs. He crashes his lips to mine and they fit perfectly, he cups my face in his big, strong, soft hands and I kiss him back twice as hard. I had no idea how much I missed this, I am so turned on I am worried I might get to carried away and swallow him whole. He slips his tongue into my mouth and I do the same to him, we kiss faster and more passionately, we have each other mesmorised. I place my hands on his chest and grip his shirt to steady myself, he lies down and I push myself up on top of him, he lets go of my face and moves his hands down to my waist, panting. I feel so happy and passionate for a while and I remember why I fell in love with him and why I love him so much, god I missed these kisses so much but ever so slowly Mays cackle creeps back into my mind and I have to pull away from Harry. He looks confused and a bit disappointed. 

"Case whats wrong"? I am relieved that he sounds worried, his green eyes filled with concern

"Im sorry Harry, that was amazing but Its just May..." my voice trails off and I have to look away from him because I know that he can see right through me. 

"Casey, you have to tell me whats wrong"! he sounded angry now "Why do you look so guilty"? 

I can feel vomit rise and fall in my mouth, god he can see right through me but I can tell him "I'm sorry Harry, Its just to much, everything to do with May" I decided to play the grieving card on him hoping that he wont ask again about the gilt. Tears flow from my eyes and he quickly wipes them away. 

"Okay babes sorry for asking" he holds me tight and buries his face in my hair.

"I love you Harry" I whisper

"I love you too Case"  

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