Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


14. Hospital


I sit in a seat, It is a yucky leather that makes a farting noise every time I move. My eyes are red and puffy from all the crying, I haven't shaven it a while and have a bit of stubble on my face, my curly brown hair is standing up in strange places, I am a mess. 

Casey lay in bed next to me. It has been 1 month since she tried to kill herself and Its been a really, really long month. I come to the hospital nearly everyday, for most of the day. It all happened so fast, It never ever crossed my mind that she would try to kill herself, I had been a pretty bad boyfriend. Thats why I feel like I need to be hear for her. 

She lies in the hospital, still. She looks like a ghost because her blond hair is spread out around her face and the bed sheets seem to blend in with her pale skin. It makes me want to cry every time I see her like this. I'm so glad that I found her when I did, the doctors said that If I had of even found her 1 minute later she wouldn't have lived, instead she's in a coma. Theres good news though, the doctors told me that Casey is responding to tests and it is possible that she might wake up soon. When they told me this I nearly leapt out of my seat I was so happy. I couldn't wait to see her blue eyes,  hear her soft soothing voice, I cant wait too feel her lips against mine, I cant wait to hold her close to my body, to feel her breathe on my neck, too fall asleep with her in my arms, I couldn't wait to intertwine my fingers with hers, I couldn't wait for her to love me again.  

Today the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are visiting. They come to the door and I get up to greet them, my chair making a extra big farting noise,

"Awww Harry, you stinker" Lou laughs as he brings me into a big hug, the other boys come in for a hug too and wrap their arms around me. Tears drip down my cheeks and Liam wipes them away.

"Its going to be okay Harry, Casey's going to make it through this" he takes my shoulders and looks me right in the eyes, "I promise you Harry"  I nod and go and sit back down. They all pull up farting chairs around Casey's bed, Eleanor is crying and Louis had his arm on her back rubbing it slowly. Danielle has her head on Limas shoulder, Liam is resting his head on hers and they both are looking at Casey sadly. Perrie has her head buried into Zyans chest. Niall's got his face in his hands and his elbows resting on his knees. 

I suddenly find myself gasping for air, the depression in this room is overwhelming. I just have to keep reminding myself that Casey WILL be okay she has to be. I just love her to much for her not to be okay,  more tears fall from my eyes and Niall leans over and hugs me tight. I cry more, he just holds me until I stop. 


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