Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


5. Happy


That kiss was amazing, I mean amazing. I had no idea how much I missed the taste of her lips, and the way she kissed me with such passion, it defiantly reassured me that we still had something but when I asked her about the gilt, she told me it was just her being upset. I didn't believe her for one second but I could see in her eyes that It was hurting her. I told her that the boys were coming over and she seemed really happy about it, her and the boys got on really, really well. They couldn't come to Mays funeral because they were still in America for a few days, just doing signing and stuff but I am really glad they didn't come, that day sucked. 

Casey got up after the kiss and began cooking dinner for tonight, she was an amazing cook, her chicken soup my absolute favorite but tonight she was making fried chicken and coleslaw. I walk up to the kitchen bench and she smiles at me. 

"It smells so good"! I smile back at her "I have missed your cooking Case" she beams at me and I realize that she has missed it too. I walk over to her and kiss her on the lips again, she kisses back but the pulls away. Why does she keep doing that!?!?! 

"Harry Im sorry but nows not the time for kissing, 1 because I'm cooking and 2 because I think if I start kissing you again I wont be able to stop and It will turn into something else" She gives my hand a squeeze and pecks me on the nose before tuning back to the stove. 

"The boys will be here soon, probably in about 5 minutes" I tell her 

"Okay, Dinner will be ready a bit after they arrive" she looks up at me her blue eyes shining, just like they used to when she was really happy and for a second I believe that things might be better but the harder I can see that her happiness is just a mask. I have to leave that thought because there is a huge knock at the door and I open it to find my five best friends in the world beaming at me, Louis also brought Eleanor to see Casey.  We all hug and the they walk into the kitchen and say hi to Casey and rave about her cooking. When dinners finished we all sit around the dinning table and begin our usual dinner banter. I sat with Casey on my right and Liam on my left. When we finished Louis and Liam insisted on doing the dishes and when they finished we all settled down in the lounge to watch a movie. 


The night had been great so far, I had missed seeing the boys and It was amazing to see Eleanor, I really loved that girl. Cooking had made me happy too, so did Louis jokes and Harrys cuddles on the couch while we watched Titanic but halfway through the movie I could feel myself drifting off to sleep, I had my head resting on Harrys lap and a blanket wrapped around me along with Harry fiddling with my hair and stroking my back I slowly drifted off to sleep but I wasn't asleep for long because May appeared and I woke up screaming.....

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