Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


19. Great Day


The cold winters air hits me like a slap in the face, I gasp a little as its brittle coldness runs through my body. God, when was the last time I left the warm comfort of my own home??? May's funeral..... I push the thought out of my mind because today I actually woke up feeling happy, It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and for the first night since her death and man It felt good. 

I cant deny the fact that Harry scared the shit out of me, the anger in his eyes was terrifying and the way he grabbed my wrists showed me that he could really, really hurt me if he wanted to. I guess that was the thing that scared me the most, Harry had lashed out, he got mad and it hurt me, I could still see the faint outline of were he had griped my wrist. I had to forget it though, start fresh. 

Harry opens the door for me and I get into the car he walks round to the other side and gets in, before he starts to drive he leans over and kisses me again, "I love you Case" he whispers than moves back and starts up the car. "I love you too Harry" I say and take his had in mine, he strokes his thumb over the back of my hand, its soothing. He tries to say something but his voice catches and he makes a small whimpering noise, I look up at him, he looks straight at the road, handsome as always but tears are forming in his eyes. 

"Harry"? I ask

"Casey im so, so, so fucking sorry for what I did to you last night" he wipes away the tears then looks at me quickly, "I lost my cool and thats wasn't okay Casey, you had just gotten back from the hospital and now I understand how hard everything must have been but I want you know that what happened with May was not your fault" he squeezes my hand harder " you have to stop blaming yourself" 

I find my eyes are filled with tears too and I sob a little "but..but...i shoved her" 

"Casey it could have been anyone okay" I look at his hand gripping the steering wheel, he could snap it off any moment, I lean over and rub his back slowly, his hand slowly relaxes. We spend the rest of the drive him holding my hand and me rubbing his back and by the time we get to the movie theater we have both calmed down.

We hop out of the car and head into the building. We choose to see Silver Linings Playbook because its is supposed to be really good. We buy the tickets and head inside, we take our seats and the movie starts quickly. A girl sits down next to Harry and starts to chat him up, she was whispering weird things to him for around 5minutes and I really wanted to shout "UMMM EXCUSE ME BITCH YOUR CHATTING UP MY BOYFRIEND, SORRY BUT FUCK OFF!" but i decided against it for several reasons. Harry did it for me, he turned towards her and said quite loudly 

"Umm excuse me but Im here with my girlfriend so can you please stop talking to me and let us enjoy the movie"? the girl than sulked off to the back of the theater. I leaned into Harry more and rested my head on his shoulder, he held my hand. The movie was so funny and really sad, I loved it and so did Harry. The day had been great. 

On the drive home I felt myself getting really, really tired. I had almost forgot that I had just woken up from a month long coma. My head started to bob up and down because I was falling asleep and Harry noticed, he took my hand in his and rubbed it slowly while humming Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran untill I drifted off to sleep. 

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