Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


6. Bus


This dream was different, It wasn't my dead best friend haunting me in the white room it was much, much worse. I dreamt about the Day I killed Her. 


5 weeks ago..........

The air was freezing and damp, May and I were wrapped up in our big jackets and we both had skinny jeans on and converse, the usual. We both held smoldering hot Starbucks in our cold hands waiting for them to cool down and waiting for the bus to arrive. We weren't really going anywhere just out for a day at the mall. I didn't really know what but there was something up with May, she was acting differently, she wasn't so cheerful, she didn't talk as much but I just shrugged it off, maybe it was the weather. 

"Hows things with you and Harry"? she asked smiling 

"Amazing, he's so amazing"

 "do you two make out all the time"? she giggled poking me in the ribs 

"ouch!" I giggled too "we don't make out all the time" 

"oh, so only most of the time" she said 


When the bus arrived we had finished our Starbucks and dropped our empty cups in the bin, payed our fares and sat down on the cheep, squeaky bus seats. 

"Arrg!" I complained "these seats are rank" 

"tell me about it" May said and made a silly face and even though we were 19 it still made me laugh like a idiot, but then her mouth went back into the frown it had been in all day and I just decided to ask her why she looked so mad. 

"May, whats wrong"?  I looked her in the eyes and held her hand like I always do when she's like this. May shifted uncomfortably in her seat and pulled her hand away from mine. "Wow, May whats wrong" I was shocked by her sudden coldness. She turned to me, a sad look in her eyes. 

"Casey, I dont think we should be friends anymore" She said then quickly turned back to face the window. I was shocked, and I thought she was joking.

"your so funny May May" I poked her back in the ribs but she turned back to me looking a bit angry

"Im serious Casey we have grown apart" suddenly she has pressed the STOP button on the bus and was getting up to leave. I was speechless, what just happened?!?! Before I knew It May was walking off the bus and I was running after her. 

"MAY, MAAY!" i shouted at her through the rain but she didn't turn around, I had know idea where we were but wasn't a very busy street, there was no one around. I sprinted after her, my chucks kicking up water onto the back of my pants. When I finally caught up to May I was in tears. 

"Where are you going May"?! I screamed at her "You don't even live around here"?! She turned around   he eyes either filled with tears or rain I couldn't tell "why cant you be friends with me anymore"? I felt so angry, so betrayed. 

"Because your with Harry Casey"! she screamed back, I didn't understand but she continued to scream at me "because you are all In with One Direction and Harry treats you like a princess and your going to become famous and you have famous friends and I don't belong with you anymore "!!! 

"WHAT MAY"? I cried "ARE YOU ASKING ME TO CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU AND HARRY"?? rage was suddenly coursing through me. How could she ask such a thing, how could she be so selfish? 

"YES, CASEY I AM" she sobbed back at me. 

"I CANT" was my answer, how could she expect me to?? 

"then we are no longer friends Case" she said then turn to walk away. 

"MAY"!!!!! I shouted at her grabbing her shoulder to turn her back towards me. 

"Get off me Casey" she shoved me in the chest and then I did it..........I shoved her back, I changed my life forever...... she stumbled back, tripping on the curb, her arms flying over her head, a scared, shocked look on her face as she flew out onto the road and for a second she sat there looking at me and the look on her face was pure hatred........ then the bus hit her. 

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