Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


3. Bad Dream

The space is empty and white , it seems to stretch on forever. I feel chills down my back but not like I'm cold just......chills. Footsteps, I know who it is, she been visiting me every night since "it happened" she's been talking to me in my dreams even though they are more like nightmares. "Hello"? I tun to face her, her ginger nut colored hair is sitting perfectly on her shoulders , her face is spotless but her eyes ...oh her eyes are ice cold and unforgiving. She looks at me like I was never her best friend, she looks at me like I am some vermin that the cat brought in. I so badly want to leave, I don't want to see her, or hear her. I cant leave though she will keep me with her until I am on my knees begging for mercy, begging for her to stop but she wont. I deserve this. May takes a step towards me, her red dress flowing in some imaginary breeze. I swallow hard  feeling the tears behind my eyes and the lump in my throat.

"How was the funeral"? she hisses at me "was it good"? she laughs but she doesn't sound anything like she used to, its a mean, manic laugh. It rings in my ears long after she stops.

"NO"! I shout at her "MAY, I LOVE YOU, I DIDNT MEAN TO KILL YOU"! I begin to sob "It was a accident I swear" I don't understand why she thinks I would hurt her. "I was just mad at you" 

She laughs again "I suppose that Harry doesn't know"? This thought makes me sick "What would Harry do If he knew that his girlfriend was a murderer" She looks at me smugly, a malicious smile on her face "I know you Casey, you will tell him at some point because the gilt is eating away at you" she laughs "its eating away at you like maggots in your stomach" 

I actually might throw up but instead I just sob harder "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT MAY, WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS"?! I yell at her, she looks at me right in the eyes, she looks at me with eyes I have never seen before, eyes that don't belong on her, she looks at me like she wants to rip me apart. 

"I dont know Casey maybe because IM DEAD!!" she shrieks at me "MAYBE BECAUSE I HAD THE WHOLE WORLD AHEAD OF ME AND I WAS ONLY 19 AND I WAS KILLED BY MY BEST FRIEND"!! I cant handle it, I cant handle her. I drop to my knees and scream, scream for her to leave,scream that I was sorry, scream for Harry.  


I jolt awake, Casey is screaming, the bed sheets are all tangled around her body, she is drenched in sweat. I move over to her and wrap my arms around her shaking body placing my chin on the top of her head, just the way she likes it. I hum her a song and draw circles on her back. Her screaming turns into whimpering and she finally falls asleep, She must of had a bad dream....a really bad dream. 

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