Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


16. Accident



"I killed May" 

Wait what?? What did Casey just say? I have to go over the words in my head 100 times before I can finally make sense of what she just said, did she say that she killed May? No..... no.... no....  "NO" without knowing it I am shouting, at the top of my lungs, I don't know what to do, She killed May..... Casey must of been joking when she said that but somehow I knew she wasn't joking. I knew because of the look in her eyes when she said it and I knew because that was why she had been looking so incredibly guilty. My mind snapped back into reality and I found myself staring into Casey's blue eyes, they were filled with tears. 

"Harry, Harry please, please don't leave me" she cries at me, "please Harry, I, I didn't mean to do It, It was an accident" 


"HOW DID IT HAPPEN"? Anger takes control over my body and I grab her wrists violently, she gasped and tried to pull away but I kept a firm grip. "HOW DID IT HAPPEN"? I demand again, shaking her. 

She splutters at me desperately, her eyes wide with terror, "We were going to the shops... and....and she got mad at me, she told me to choose between her and you" She starts screaming at me "YOU HARRY, SHE ASKED ME TO LEAVE YOU" I don't loosen my grip on her wrists but instead hold them tighter, making her wince in pain. "I SAID NO HARRY....but....but.... then she kept walking.." Casey stops struggling against me, then she just seemed to waist away in a matter of seconds. She hunched her shoulders over and dropped her head to her chest letting it loll there, she took huge shuddering breaths that I felt vibrate through me, her hair fell over her face. 

"I pulled her round and she shoved me and I shoved her back then...." She cant speak properly between her sobs and gasps "she...she stumbled onto the road and a.... bus came..." her voice trails off into a whisper "Im so sorry Harry... I thought killing myself would fix everything" she shakes her head helplessly. 

I let go of her wrists, all the anger leaves me as fast as it came and I bring Casey's shaking body into my chest, I hold her as tight as possible, I loved her and I have no idea what I would do If I lost her, last time was too close for comfort. I just had to keep thinking that it was an accident... 







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