Too Late

Casey has a dark secret
a secret know one can know
but is it a secret to terrible to keep
or will it just prove to be too much .....


1. Dead


Oh god..... I shouldn't have caome, this is too much.

I cant think 

I cant breath

....I think I might throw up ...... 

I look down at my legs, my tight fitting black dress covers up half of my thighs. Tears stream down my cheeks and my shoulders shake violently. too much, too much. My brain is running in slow motion, or maybe fast forward, whatever its doing is making it impossible to think. too much, too much. I look up at the images that are being projected onto a huge screen. I make a little howling noise as a picture of two girls flash up. The have there arms around each other the one on the left with the straight blond hair and blue eyes is me, I have my hair tied back with a red ribbon and I am wearing a little flowered sun dress and sandals. The other girl is my best friend May her ginger nut colored hair is blowing all over her face but you can still make out her bright hazel eyes through the tangle of hair, she is beaming at the camera, she is wearing some jean shorts and a bright red tee shirt. This picture was taken on a school trip in france when we were 13, it was taken 6 years ago. May looked amazing. shit. I sob harder, I so badly just want to throw up. I feel two strong arms wrap around my shoulders, Harry my boyfriend holds me tight against his chest. Its too much. I begin to howl like a wounded animal into his chest, my tears coming faster now. I can feel people looking, their eyes drilling into my soul, do they know what I did, can they see right through me?? Harry lifts me up and he begins to shuffle awkwardly between the church pews and peoples legs. I fold myself into his chest, the noises coming out of me are no where close to human.  Harry makes it to the isle and walks down it quickly, people are majorly looking. I don't care though.  He turns and walks out the door, giving everybody else a little nod just to say sorry. I shouldn't have looked as we passed the coffin on our way out but I just had to see her one last time. She was wearing her favourite dress, the red one with the cute little collar, the one that fit her perfectly, the one we bought together not that long ago and the second I saw her in it I knew it was made for her. Her hair was spread out around her head, framing her beautiful face. Her skin was so white she looked like a china doll, her eyes were closed.People always say "oh she could have been sleeping" but that wasn't the same for me. You could tell she was dead, my best friend, my soul mate, May was dead................and It was all my fault.  

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