Adventure of Love

Lexi Redmond is your average teenage girl, except for the fact that she and her father live in the district of an small unknown island about two thousand miles from the closest city. Only 4 known humans live on the island to find scientific research. But what happens when a jet of one of the largest boy bands crashs down in the middle of the island right around the same time when Lexi is exploring?


2. What Just Happened?

Nialls P.O.V: I opened my eyes to find myself in what seemed like a mess of medal. What happened? I tuned around to see Liam and Harry lying on the ground a couple feet away. I tried to get up to go help the but as soon as I moved a sharp pain hit my side. Ouch! What is going on? "Hello?" I heard a girl`s voice come from beside me. "Um....hi. Can you tell me what is going on?" I looked over at her and asked. She looked around my age or maybe a little younger than me and she had dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back in a ponytail with the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. "Well your jet here came crashing on to my island like 10 or 15 minutes ago. Are you ok?" she looked around at the boys and looked skepical at me. "Yeah I`m fine but I have a pain in my side. Can you check on my friends?" I asked her while she nodded her head and skipped over to Liam and Harry. "Their pulse is still here, they must just be asleep. I`m going to go get a doctor." she ran off towards the hill. "Hey boys, can you hear me?" I yelled quietly. I heard someone shuffle on the other side ofhe jet. "Niall? Its me Louis." I heard Louis peep. " Oh thank god, Louis, are you ok, mate?" I asked him feeling relieved I just hoped the other boys were ok as well. "Uh... yeah I just can`t feel my legs." he sounded so depressed and shaken. "Dont worry, Lou. There is a doctor on the way." And like on cue, the girl and a large man came rushing over. The man went to look at Louis and the girl came over to me. She set me up on what seem like a chair/gurney and checked my side. "Do you live here?" I asked her while she rummaged through a bag to find gauze. "Yea. Seems wierd, don`t it?" she asked while she giggled and wrapped my side. " Well actually it seems pretty cool. Whats the population?" I questioned her. "4. There is me,my father, Mrs. Porter who is a teacher and Mr. Porter who is a doctor and a scientist." she kept quiet as she checked my head for and damge. I couldn`t imagine living on a island with no friends or any other family my whole life, well I guess if she never really knew what it was like then she dosen`t know what she was missing. I looked up the see the man helping Louis and Zayn on to the chair thingys and a woman checking Liam and Harry. " There, I`m pretty sure your side is the only thing that got injured and your friends are doing fine except for the one with the curly hair,he is bleedin` like crazy. Who are you?" i looked at her like she was crazy that she dosent know who I am, then I remembered that she probably dosent have a T.V. or any other device. "I`m Niall, Curly`s name is Harry, the one with the dark hair is Zayn, the one in the stripes is Louis, and then the last one is Liam. We are in a band, One Direction." I bragged. She smiled and laughed and gave me some type of medicine. "It will take the pain away but I warn you, it makes you fall aleep super fast." she said still grinning. " Lets see about that." I chuckled and drank it down. "See....oh crap."

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