Adventure of Love

Lexi Redmond is your average teenage girl, except for the fact that she and her father live in the district of an small unknown island about two thousand miles from the closest city. Only 4 known humans live on the island to find scientific research. But what happens when a jet of one of the largest boy bands crashs down in the middle of the island right around the same time when Lexi is exploring?


1. Not So Normal Life

Lexi's P.O.V: The sunlight of the day poured through the windows as I forced my self out of my bed towards the door. Today is the first day of summer and I could already tell that the heat was going to get in the way of hiking, I just hope the island doesn't hit another one of its heat rushes to bring the temperature into the low 100s like last year. But anyways here we go.
I threw on a lose t-shirt and denim shorts with my tennis shoes and put my long brown hair into a high ponytail and hopped outside to be welcomed by a gust of heat and a delicious smell. I followed the smell which led me to Mrs.Porter who was outside making one of her famous apple pies. There is only her and Mr. Porter who is a doctor as well as a known scientist and me and father(also a scientist) who live on this island.
"Lovely day isn't it Mrs. Porter?" I looked up at the older lady who smiled down at me.
"Yes very, Alexis. Except it is bloody hot isn't it?" She chuckled softly and scattered into her house.
I started walking towards the middle of the island down the jagged hills when I heard a loud screech.
Well not a scream but a screech of medal above me. I looked up to see some type of plane barreling towards the island. I scurried to find my camera in my pocket and took a quick photo while I ran over to a small cave where I could shelter while it hits the ground.
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