One Thing

Hey! I`m Kristina Tomlinson. Just Kristie for short! Yes my older brother is Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! Well, after tears of begging and pleading he`s finally letting me go on tour with him! I have an all time crush on Niall! Even before they were One Direction! I visited Louis a lot during X Factor, I was a contestant. I`ll tell you more about me soon! But for now enjoy!


4. Oh No!

We fixed breakfast. Well, Cara did with Niall complaining that he was starving. But when wasn`t he! I giggles. Niall looks at me and smiles. During breakfast, I sit next to Niall. Cara sits next to Liam. I thought that she was mad at him. I jump at the moment I feel a foot rub against my foot. I look down at it and it`s Niall`s foot. Louis is pissed but doesn`t say anything. I smile at Lou. He smiles back! I love my brother! He`s just so goofy! But that`s my brother for you! 

After breakfast we argue over what to do today. I think that we are having a movie day! Yes! An excuse to not change out of pjs! I went to the couch after helping Cara with the dishes. Liam picked out a scary movie, just for Niall and Haz. Cara sat next to the arm and Harry. Of course! Li invited Dani! I was finally gonna meet her! Lou invited El, I`ve already met her! She is like big sister to me! Zayn invited Perrie too! The whole was gonna be here! YAY! I sat next Niall who pulled me in his lap. Louis wasn`t mad anymore! Thank God! "Hey baby!" I heard El`s voice chime. "OMG ELLIE!" I almost screamed. "OMG KIRSTIE!"She said hugging me. "Little tight there El!" I said and she let go! "EL! COME HERE YOU!" Louis yelled and ran up and picked her up off the ground. He sat down and put El in his lap! They are so cute together! 

It`s probably like 4 in the afternoon and Niall hasn`t once said that he was hungry! Wow! New record much? "Hey! Follow me!" He says, I give him a confused look but follow him. "Ok! So... um.... Kirstie? I love you! I`` have butterflies in my stomach just thinking of you!" He says, I try to say something but can`t! His lips were crashed onto mine. I couldn`t help but kiss him back. "So, will you be my princess?" He asks. "Yes!" I say then kiss him again. We walk out hand in hand/ "SOMEONE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!"Louis chants! I chase him around and I finally run into Niall`s arms and embrace him in a bear hug. I think I scared him a bit. We fall over onto Harry and Cara. Cara was sleeping. Yeah! We got yelled at. He and I both thought it was funny. Then a dog pile appeared on top of Cara and Haz. " GUYS OW OW OW! I`M NOT KIDDING!" She was crying. "GUYS GET OFF!" Harry demanded. He turned his attention straight to Cara. "Cara? Are you ok?" He asked. She cried in his chest. She rarely cried in front of people that aren`t me or her family! So something was wrong! All she did was cry and say it hurts! She also held her arm, but she didn`t want to go to the hospital. Cara and Harry went to bed. I assumed that she cried herself to sleep. We had Harry sneek out with Cara to take her to the hospital without her knowing. Then she woke up as soon as we got there.

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