One Thing

Hey! I`m Kristina Tomlinson. Just Kristie for short! Yes my older brother is Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! Well, after tears of begging and pleading he`s finally letting me go on tour with him! I have an all time crush on Niall! Even before they were One Direction! I visited Louis a lot during X Factor, I was a contestant. I`ll tell you more about me soon! But for now enjoy!


5. Hospital

"Why! You know I hate hospitals, Kirstie!" Cara yelled. "Calm down! Please! I just needed to know if you broke your arm or just bruised it!" I told her and she did calm down but still looked scared. The doctor took an X-Ray of Cara`s arm and that we should wait in the waiting room unless it was family and close close friends. So Louis and I stayed. Liam was too scared to.

"Cara`s arm is broken. That dog pile put lots of pressure on her fractured arm and broke it." the doctor told us. I almost broke out in tears. "But she`ll be fine just in a cast. She`s chosen pink as the color. Just make sure nothing hurts her arm even more." She said than left. Louis and I went back out and Liam came over immediately! "Liam! She`s fine just a broken arm." Harry`s head shot up and I noticed that he`d been crying. "This is all my fault. I shouldn`t have teased you then this would have never happened." Louis says, I turn to face my crying brother. "Louis. It`s fine she`ll be fine! You heard the doctor." Cara came out with her arm in a bright pink cast. "CARA!" Liam shouted and ran up and hugged her scaring Cara. "Liam! I`m fine!" She laughed. She looked around and sighed. " Thank you guys. I love you all so much, Liam I love the most since he is mia familia." Cara can speak really good spanish. Niall laughed. "What does that mean?" Dani questioned. "Liam is my family. Liam is mia falimia!" Cara repeated.

We drove home being as crazy as possible without hurting Cara`s arm surprisingly!

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