One Thing

Hey! I`m Kristina Tomlinson. Just Kristie for short! Yes my older brother is Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! Well, after tears of begging and pleading he`s finally letting me go on tour with him! I have an all time crush on Niall! Even before they were One Direction! I visited Louis a lot during X Factor, I was a contestant. I`ll tell you more about me soon! But for now enjoy!


2. Bed Situation

We got to the hotel and it was huge! It had 4 bedrooms. So we had to share rooms. We are discussing it now. 

"I want to share a room with Niall."I say looking at Niall who nods.

"How about Zayn and Louis. Liam gets his own room" Harry suggests and Liam doesn`t like it, at all!

"No! I`m sharing a room with Cara! She`s my little sister!" Liam says furiously. Cara looks at Liam pissed.

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE! I don`t need you to protect me! I can handle myself! Just cause I`m your little sister doesn`t mean that you automatically need to protect me!" We all look at Cara in shock, she wasn`t the one to talk a lot and we all knew that! "Just let me be in the room I want to be! I want the room to myself for now!"She leaves with Liam hot on her trail and Harry starts to go but I hold him back and shake my head at him. I know he loves her, but now was not a good time. Cara comes back in and hugs Harry. She loves him too. He hugs back, They argue about who was making dinner and after 15 minutes of that they finally decided on cooking dinner together. They make spaghetti and meatballs.

Cara ate in silence. Normal Cara. The only thing is that Cara was looking down the whole time! She is usually watching the conversation. But she was pissed at Liam. This is not good! After dinner I saw Cara talk to Harry who got his stuff out of his room and puts it in Cara`s. I laugh a little. They never came back out. Literally! Well. I hope we can`t hear them! "Time for bed guys!" I tell them all. They nod and head to their rooms. When Liam got to his and he hit something. I ran over there. He was crying, he just didn`t want his little sis to be with Harry, Harry is a player. But he really looked like he loved her! I could tell he does! I looked at Liam."Liam, They love each other. Can`t you see it?" I say trying to calm him down. "Yes I can but I want to get to know my sister before Harry can! We all now that he`s a player too!" Liam said tears still running down his cheeks. I wipe them away. "Don`t worry. She`ll tell you everything before she tells Harry! She loves you! You are her family. She tells her family everything before she tells her crush or boyfriend! I`m not lying. I don`t hardly ever lie! Trust me Liam!" I say, making him smile. I stand up and leave. 

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