One Thing

Hey! I`m Kristina Tomlinson. Just Kristie for short! Yes my older brother is Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! Well, after tears of begging and pleading he`s finally letting me go on tour with him! I have an all time crush on Niall! Even before they were One Direction! I visited Louis a lot during X Factor, I was a contestant. I`ll tell you more about me soon! But for now enjoy!


3. Awkward Moment Much?

I started to go back to my room. I get in and see Niall in only is boxers! He is so fucking hot! How was I gonna sleep next to him, with him looking like that! I stop and look at him. Then I shake my head to focus. "Hey Niall!" I say whilst grabbing my clothes. "Hey! Be back here soon! I want to talk to you!"He says and I can hear him whisper 'my princess'. I laugh and go to the bathroom and get changed. I go back to my room to see him on the bed already covered up and fast asleep. I jump in and go to sleep. I felt the awkward moment when he as facing me and accidentally cuddles with me or at least I think it`s an accident! I giggle though. He is so cute and sweet! Louis is gonna be mad though.

I wake up in the morning, to everyone singing 'Time To Get up' well it wasn`t everyone. It was Niall, Louis, and Liam. I threw my pillow at them. Then Louis left and I tried to sleep but he came back and I was wet and freezing! "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON! YOU ARE SO DEAD!" I screamed, scrambled out of bed. I chase Lou around and then trip and fall. I fall into Niall, I smile as does he. Louis looks pissed! He and Li are so protective of me and Cara! I mean we are fucking adults! Who gives a shit who I like! "Louis, can I talk to you? In private!" I say glaring at him just a bit. He and I walk over and I start taking to him. "Louis! I`m 19 years old! Don`t treat me like I`m fucking 3 years old! I am an adult! You can`t tell me who to like and who not to like! I I happen to like Niall then let me! I AM NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE! You don`t know me! You need to understand that girls like to have crushes! That we can get angry as hell! Louis William Tomlinson! Look at me!" I yell, when he looks up he`s crying. I hate it when he cries! It makes me want to cry. I flip my hair out of my eyes and hug him. "I`m sorry Lou Lou! It`s just... you are treating me like in a helpless baby! And I`m not. I know that you know that. And I`m sorry." I say still hugging him. "It`s ok Kirstie" Louis says and we stand up. I hold my older brothers hand and walk out dragging him with me. Cara pulls me to the side! "Cara! What?" I say a little aggravated. "Sorry! Niall heard you tell Louis that you like him! He told me that he likes you too! Don`t tell him I told you! He`ll kill me!"Cara says completely 100% dead serious. "Ok! Fine I won`t!" I say trying to be calm but Niall actually likes be back! AHHHH! Ok Kirstie calm down!

We get back in and it was totally silent! Awkward moment much?

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