One Thing

Hey! I`m Kristina Tomlinson. Just Kristie for short! Yes my older brother is Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! Well, after tears of begging and pleading he`s finally letting me go on tour with him! I have an all time crush on Niall! Even before they were One Direction! I visited Louis a lot during X Factor, I was a contestant. I`ll tell you more about me soon! But for now enjoy!


1. Airport

Hi! I`m Kristie! I`m 5'5''. Oh and Louis Tomlinson is my older brother! Don`t flip out on me! Please don`t! I`m 19 and my birthday is the 1st of April, also know as April`s Fools Day! I have blue eyes, that look exactly like Lou`s! My hair is the same color as Louis` and goes down of my waist and bangs fall over my eye. I can finally go on tour with Louis! After I begged and pleaded. Oh! I was on X Factor the season after Louis! I made to 2nd place! I got signed but right now it`s vacation time! 

"KRISTIE! COME ON! WE STILL NEED TO GET CARA!" Louis calls, from the bottom of the stairs. Cara is my best friend! She a little shorter then me. Has brown curly hair and green eyes. She looks like Harry! We also found out that she`s Liam`s long lost sister! She`s the one on X Factor who got 1st place! I can now tease about it! Being Liam`s sister. "COMING!" I yell, grab my bag and almost fall running downstairs. Lou catches me. "Thanks Lou Lou!" Lou Lou is my nickname for Louis! I know other call him that, but I made it up! "Let`s go!" He says grabbing our bags and we both go out to the car. We run by Cara`s and get her. After getting Cara we head to the airport. We were meeting the boys there! I had met them before but only once! I really like Niall! Cara was there that week for Spring Break away from X Factor! Luckily, Cara is on vacation from her label too!

When we finally get to the airport  we immediately  have security around us along with screaming fans. Cara and I smile at each other. We find the boys and go over to them. Cara was being weird and not talking, wonder why! Harry had his eyes on her! All the time! Looking over at Li, I can see he doesn`t like Harry looking at his sister like that, cause he goes and puts an arm around her. I giggle and see that Niall is looking at me. "Ok! Boys, Cara, and Kirstie! Time to board the jet." Paul says and we go and sit down. Liam next to Cara, Harry on her other side. Harry was trying to flirt with her and Liam was glaring Harry. 'Cute' I thought. Louis sat next to me and Niall on my other side.  Zayn looked lonely. So I sat by him instead! We had a nice conversation! Then we were off and I decided to take a nap and so did Zayn. When I woke up Niall looked pissed! Maybe he likes me too! Hopefully!

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