One direction Imagines

Just imagine what you read.


2. The Poem

one direction poem

by mrsgemmastyles

Chapter 1
One direction poem

When you're sat on your own and there's nothing to do, just think one direction is always with you,

They're are not there where everyone you can see, they stand there in your dreams, never ever would they split apart, because that would kill my heart, we stand next to them to stay true, because we love you, how to describe these boys, i don't know, but ill have a go,

Harry with brown curly hair, won't stop staring at the cat over there, green eyes, the colour of slime, his prefect lips, just waiting to be kissed,

Niall, his hairs blond, it has more rhythm than a song, the accent just won't stop, it makes people cry including cops, blue eyes the colour of the sea, growing bigger and bigger like a tree,

Louis has a passion for carrots, he talks more than a parrot, brown hair which swoosh's across his eyes, just makes me want to die, why do people call him gay? Its cause they have nothing better to do for the day,

Liam is pretty much bald, but that doesn't bother me at all, he is the smartest, but defiantly isn't the quietest, the boys all like to call him daddy, but he's looking to find the mummy,

Zayn, everyone calls him vain, only cause he loves a mirror, but that doesn't really matter, now he is quiet, it's like his voice retired, but if you're in one direction, you best keep an eye out for the quiet one,

it took me all my might to write this for you, so 1D please read this cause with you it's like living at the zoo, so we love you!
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