Running From Love

Dallas Daniels is an ordinary teenager. Her parents, renowned scientists often travel to other countries to display their inventions to famous people. Dallas doesn't really mind that she never gets to go. She enjoys the little bit of home alone it brings her.
But one day, when her parents are away, Dallas decides to enter their forbidden room, the "science lab".
But this is no science lab. And what Dallas finds destroys everything she's ever known.
Fleeing to Hawaii, she meets a mysterious man who plays the ukelele. He makes her feel at home in an unfamiliar place. But is that all he is doing? And why is it that Dallas can't escape him? ***
Sorry, the font is kid of weird. I don't know why...


2. I Have To Go

"Dallas! Just listen to me, just for a few seconds? Please?"

My patience was just about done. Especially with Josh.

"Alright, Josh. What do you want?" I asked, tapping my foot impatiently. Josh raised his pointer finger an pointed to a door. "What's in there? I've walked by it so many times and I don't know what it is." I rolled my eyes. That's all he wanted to bug me about?

"That's just my parent's lab. I can't go in there, they say it's dangerous." Josh rolled his eyes and laughed. "You don't see it, though! You are a goodie-goodie! Can you do something bad? For once, for meeee?" I laughed as he begged and pleaded like a 4 year old. I walked into the living room of my 3-story house in Atlanta, Georgia and plopped myself on the couch. I felt the couch sink down next to me.

Josh pressed the button on the TV remote to turn it on. I fell mostly-asleep with my head laying on Josh's shoulder. We were 17 now, and we have known each other for those 17 years. We were best of friends, but I know Josh wants to be more. He keeps giving me hints, but the closest I get it leaning my head on him.

I wake up when I hear shouting through my television. "BREAKING NEWS!" The news man yelled into my speaker, nearly blasting out my eardrums. Well, that caught our attention.

I looked to the TV screen. I needed to know more. What was happening? It sounded really important.

"This just in, President Ormond shot and DEAD! As of 3 minutes ago- in Washington D.C.!" A newswoman reported, really catching my attention. Who could have done this? President Ormond was in...Washington D.C., the reporter said! That was where my parents were? Were they okay? Oh my gosh, I can't be more worried right now.

"Wait," The newsman paused, taking a breath. "We have the shooters, and we have their pictures!" Their?

"The shooters are, reportedly, from right here in Atlanta!" Pfft, well it isn't my parents. They just went to Washington D.C. for a convention to display their inventions. I think...

I flipped my honey-brown, wavy hair behind my shoulder and Josh's light green eyes connected with mine. What was happening?

"Ah, here we go. Here are the two people to blame! A man and a woman, from right here in Downtown Atlanta!" My eyes blurred up with tears.

They showed pictures of my parents. The man's talking turned into gibberish. I couldn't hear a thing and there were only two things in my world- Josh and the television.

I couldn't take this anymore. I clicked my hand around Josh's wrist and dragged him towards my door. I picked up the car keys, my wallet of emergency cash, and my purse.

I dragged Josh with me to the car. His face coudn't be more worried. I could tell because the poor boy was crying. Tears slipping out of his eyes. "Dal...what are you going to do?"

I shook my head and didn't look up from the wet concrete, damp from the rain currently falling. "Just...get in the passenger seat, Josh." He did as I told right away. I ran back inside to get my emergency suitcase. My parents always told me to pack one, just in case.

I wasn't coming back.

I stuffed my posters of Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and the Beatles into my suitcase. I quickly put everything I will need into it, and triple-checked my room for anything I might have missed.

I was ready for not ever seeing my horrible parents again.

I can't believe they killed the President of the U.S. They actually did this.

I ran out the door, tears threatening to spill out.

"Go, Dallas. Go." My head screamed.

I looked in my wallet to check if I had enough money. I climbed into the car and switched it to reverse.

**20 minutes later**

"Come on, Josh! You have to let me buy one!"

"Okay, but you HAVE to call me. Every day. Send me text updates. I am coming with you right up to security, and you are on your own then." He wrapped his arms around me and he kissed me on my cheek. "I love you, Dallas." I raised an eyebrow. "We have known each other for our whole lives. I have grown to love you, Dal." I nodded my head. "Then, I love you too Joshie."

We walked together to the sign that said "Buy Tickets Here"

I went up to the lady at the desk. She didn't look like she was in a good mood. "What?" She asked grumpily. Josh smirked. "I need one direct ticket to Hawaii, first flight there, please." The woman typed in some things onto her computer. "Are you older than eighteen?" I thought. What should I do?

I nodded. I lied.

"Great, let me see your ID." My eyes widened. "Alright, I'm seventeen." She rolled her eyes. I had to make up something quick. "Then who is your legal guardian?" I had an idea.

"This is my dad. He is really young, I know. My mom had me at a very yound age." The woman nodded. She clearly didn't care. "Alright, I need your information."

I gave her everything she needed and she looked up at me. "Alright, you're done. You have..." She looked down at her watch.

"20 minutes until your flight." I gasped. "Better get going, Miss Daniels." I nodded. "Thank you so much!" She smiled as much as she could in her mood. She handed me my ticket and my tag that said I was a unaccompanied minor.

I ran to Baggage Check and they checked my bag. I sprinted to Security. I checked my iPhone for the time- I had ten minutes. I stopped myself in the line. 3 people in front of me. Phew!

I turned to Josh and cried into his chest. "I'm really going to miss you. I love you, Josh. Make sure no one replaces me as your best friend." I laughed. "Trust me, only my parents have known me for as long as you have." We laughed. "I love you, too. Someday, when I get enough money," I cracked up at that part. Once I calmed down, he started speaking again. "I promise I will come move to Hawaii to see you."

I went through Security and ran to my gate- 5 minutes to go. I was safe.

**5 minutes later**

I got onto the plane and settled myself in.

My phone vibrated under me. I slipped it out of my back pocket.

I couldn't recognize the Caller ID, but being as foolish as I am, I answered it.

"You can't leave, Dallas." I sighed.

I can't have myself crying.


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