Running From Love

Dallas Daniels is an ordinary teenager. Her parents, renowned scientists often travel to other countries to display their inventions to famous people. Dallas doesn't really mind that she never gets to go. She enjoys the little bit of home alone it brings her.
But one day, when her parents are away, Dallas decides to enter their forbidden room, the "science lab".
But this is no science lab. And what Dallas finds destroys everything she's ever known.
Fleeing to Hawaii, she meets a mysterious man who plays the ukelele. He makes her feel at home in an unfamiliar place. But is that all he is doing? And why is it that Dallas can't escape him? ***
Sorry, the font is kid of weird. I don't know why...


3. He Doesn't Mean Anything

I just practically fainted because of everything happening! I could barely take it.

I know Josh loved me, I know he really cared for me,

I just didn't know he wanted to kiss me! He leaned in right before I left...I don't know what to think!

I have a feeling that when he said he loved me like a sister, it wasn't true.

He loved me with his whole heart.


My parents killed the president! That can be taken care of, just put in the Vice President.

But...what did he ever do to them?

I shivered at the thought of being the....child of those two!


I just needed to fall asleep. Before that happens, I should wipe the drool of my sweatshirt from the fat guy leaning on my shoulder. One thought- EW.



I was trapped inside a cloudy bubble. I couldn't get out.

It was like I was inside a cloudy bubble. But the bubble was rock hard glass that couldn't be smashed.

There were two things in the glass bubble ball besides me. Those two things were a valentine's day card and...a can of Dr. Pepper.

Just then, I heard a buzzing noise. I don't know why, but my brain just automatically knew it was some sort of portal. Wait...portal? Where the heck am I?

I know I'm in a glass ball. But....what? I don't understand. What could have just been transported through the portal? Was it a crowbar to pry this thing open? Was it a mallet so I could attempt at crushing this thing? Was it spiky shoes to smash them through the glass and...

finally get some freedom in here?

I mean, seriously. I need some fresh air. My head should really turn down the humidity level, my hair is going everywhere in my stupid dream.

It was not food or anything that could help me escape, so I gave up hope on my dream.

In through the cloudy, mystical fog came 2 guys. I recognized one the second I saw his face lean down to mine. Josh.

"Dallas Zaniya Daniels! I couldn't help but...confess my love for you." I backed as far away as I could from Josh's puckered lips, hoping for a kiss.

Well, he wasn't getting one anytime soon.

I pushed Josh away from me to the other side of the bubble and out of my sight, into the fog. I needed to see who this other guy was.

His white shirt was a bit see through, so I could see his toned abs and muscles. His biceps were flexed and, dang, the were huge. My heart fell for this one.

He had shaggy, blond hair and a face that matched perfection. He was my dream boy. A boy with blue eyes was one I had always wanted to be with, and now I had him.

I had a feeling about his name. I just...knew it.

"Uh...Hi?" I whispered. He looked up into my eyes. "Yes, my beautiful love?"

I just could not believe this. I walked around.

Suddenly, a ukulele just appeared in the middle of the bubble floor. The cute guy picked up the ukulele and re-tuned it. I never knew my dream guy could play the ukulele! How awesome is that?

He started to play the first ukulele chord of 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz.

And with that, I fell in love and couldn't get up.

But this was a dream, and the dream guy meant absolutely nothing....


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