A Summer Of Dreams

When Katelyn and Lauren's Summer Break from their tour came they decide to spend time at the Lake house! Katelyn convinces Lauren to let her invite The boys. So can the two bands bands stand each other for a summer? Or will the bands end up splitting up?


3. The Night sky


    Harry, and Lauren were cooking over our makeshift campfire, while the other guys hang out on the porch. Kate was lying with the white puff ball with black paws, she calls mittens, on her stomach. As I walk down Mittens lifted her head just to mew at me. Katie was so oblivious, so I put my hands over her eyes.

"Guess who?" I said as she tried to scramble away.

"Come on Niall, your the only one with the Irish accent!" She pointed out.

"So do you when your mad!" I said removing my hands.

"So?!" She turned around to look me in the eyes.

"I think it is really pretty!" I stared into her eyes, they are just so mesmerizing. She had the same exact eyes as me. Her hair is blonde but is naturally brunette. We got so close and were about to kiss.

"Foods done" I can hear Harry yell from the top of the hill.

"Coming!" We yelled at the same time. She smiled and blushed as she turned away. She picked up Mittens and started walking up the hill.

We all eat and start telling scary stories. Later Katie looked like she was gonna cry, I gestured her to come sit by me. She came and snuggled up to me. We all ended up lying blankets on the floor,and sitting by the fire. Every one left one at a time, until all that was left was me and Kate. She fell asleep so I put out the fire and laid down next to her. This is going to be the Best Summer ever!

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