A Summer Of Dreams

When Katelyn and Lauren's Summer Break from their tour came they decide to spend time at the Lake house! Katelyn convinces Lauren to let her invite The boys. So can the two bands bands stand each other for a summer? Or will the bands end up splitting up?


2. The Lake House

"Katie! Were here!" Lauren took off my head phones, and I look out the passenger window.The log house was three stories tall with a large screened in back porch.

"Well what are we waiting for!" I opened the car door and got out. I got out my keys for the door, and pushed open the solid oak door. So many memories of my childhood come rushing at me. My family owned the lake house since I was three years old, but I mostly remember being hung on the balcony of the second story. We walk up the stairs to My parents room.

"This should be your room. Your parents would want you to have it." Lauren held my hand as we walked to the sliding doors to the balcony. The window had a great view of the lake, and I felt as if my parents were here standing with me. "Your parents would be proud of us, because they always told us to live our dreams."

The door bell went off, which kind of scared me. Lauren slowly walked down the stone stairs, as I stood at the top. I probably looked like a duchess, just with out the crazy bride of Frankenstein hair. She open the doors as the guys walked in.

"Hello my Lady!" Louis gave a little bow to this statement, and to be nice I did the same. As the guys came in they hugged Lauren.

"Wow this place is huge!" Niall said as he was looking at the chandelier. "Katie!" He ran up the stairs picked me up and hugged me.

"Hi Niall! Please put me down!" I was struggling to get out of his grip.

"No!" He yelled then whispered in my ear "your mine." This sent chills down my spine, and put butterflies in my stomach.

"Niall, put Kate down!" Liam's strong voice filled the house, Liam was like my big brother, he is always looking out for me. These guys are not just my friends their my family.

Niall put me down, and gave me a shy kiss on the cheek. I walked down the stairs, and looked back to give him my brightest smile. I walked to the car to get my bags, and Lauren came to get her cat, Blue, and my kitten, Mittens. Liam grabbed Laurens bags and stopped me.

"So do you like Niall?" He asked Quietly. Do I lie or tell the truth?

"Yeah, but he probably doesn't even like me!" I pointed out to him.

"Lies! He's heads over heels for you!" He yelled pointing at my heart, but I just smiled.

I took my bags to my room, and sat on my parents bed. There was a large picture of my family above the fireplace. "I miss you, all of you so much! Why? Why did you leave me?" I started to yell, as streams of tears poured down my face. Lauren and Harry ran up to the room, as I  slumped to the floor on my hands and knees. Lauren and Harry hugged me, patting my back. "I miss them so much, and wish i never had to say goodbye."

"I know Katie, I know! They were great parents, and you have to remember that!" She said as she took my face in her hands, and wiping my tears with her thumbs.

"I'm not letting you stay in this room by yourself!" Harry said as he let go of me.

"Harry I will be fine!" I got up and gave him a look.

"No, Niall is staying with you and that's final!" He slammed the door, after saying this. I looked at Lauren but she just shrugged, and left me to finish unpacking.

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