A Summer Of Dreams

When Katelyn and Lauren's Summer Break from their tour came they decide to spend time at the Lake house! Katelyn convinces Lauren to let her invite The boys. So can the two bands bands stand each other for a summer? Or will the bands end up splitting up?


1. The Guys

      At the age 18 I got my first tattoo,and left my family after the death of my parents. My best-friend, Lauren, and I bought our first apartment in the L.A. We wrote songs for fun, when we weren't working. By age 19, Lauren convinced me to try out in the X-Factor with her, and I'm glad she did because we won it all. We ended up signing a contract to a big music company, and we started out with a bang! We had a concert, and I ended up meeting Liam, from one direction, and we became great friends. We finally turned 20, and are pretty famous with a couple hit singles under our belt, and Its finally summer after our tour  

      "We should invite the guys!" I said while packing my bags for the lake house.

    "You just want to hang out with Niall!" Lauren laughed while folding her shirts.

    "Were just friends, Lauren! What about you and Harry?" I put my clothes in my suitcases.

    "He hasn't asked.." Lauren sighed "But I hope he does."

   " So can they pleeeaasse?" I gave her my best puppy eyes.

   " Fine, but Katelyn, be careful with the Media, Okay?" Lauren said Quietly.

  "I will!" I grabbed my bags, and walked to the Explorer. We got in the car, and Lauren wanted to drive. I tried Niall's phone, but he didn't answer. So I called Liam who answered instantly.

 "What's up Shorty?" He asked jokingly.

 "You wanna stay at the lake house this summer?" I asked laughing.

"Ya, I heard Niall's phone ring,but he was Just getting out of the shower. You still wanna talk to him?" He asked as I could hear Harry in the background.

"No, just tell them to start packing!" I smiled at Lauren, and gave her a thumbs up.

"Okay, Shorty!" His laugh was deep, but all the guys were talking in the background now.

"Bye!" I hang up and start turning up the radio.

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