His Secret Daughter (1D)

"She's our mistake Zaria!" He yelled at me. "She's not a mistake! I do not regret those 9 months of an aching back,swollen feet, and especially all the moments I had with her! Darcy was such a little mistake but such a great thing that happened Harry!" I screamed. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked looking me in the eyes.I honestly didn't know nor did I have the courage. "Then she must have been a regret." He spat and slammed the front door.
I'm Zaria Lunayevskaya, Harry's ex girlfriend,18 year old mother of a 2 year old named Darcy. She will always be Harry's secret daughter but not for so long perhaps.


18. Wedding Daze





 I sat in the chair staring at my heels. Someone knocked at the door. "Zaria it's me Kota." My brother stood on the other side of the door. "Come in." I said. He walked in and sat on the windowsill next to me. "Hey I'm sorry dad couldn't make it to your wedding." I looked up. "As long as I know he's in a better place , I'm okay." I smiled half heartedly. "Well are you ready to become Mrs. Harry Styles?" I left with him in a black limo.


We were running late already and to make matters worse, I heard  police sirens. We gradually started pulling over. Kota and the driver cursed in unison which I couldn't help but laugh. "Did you know that you're over the speed limit by 12 miles." The officer spoke bluntly. "Um, excuse me sir.  It's my wedding and I'm already running five minutes late. I'm not using this as an excuse but could you like write the ticket quickly?" I smiled nervously. He nodded and took his time to write the ticket. He literally to 6 minutes to walk to his motorbike, run the license plate , and to write a damn speeding ticket. He came and tilde me congratulations on being married and gave the driver the ticket. "Jackass." I rolled my eyes."Isn't this the same thing that happened to Mum?" 

"Unfortunately yes, she passed it on." Kota laughed.


We made it to the beach. It was lined up with security guards. After we came in the gates , it was locked as this was going to be a private ceremony on a private beach. "How many paps tried to come?"  I asked. "Twenty-four even before you came. If anymore try to come once the ceremony starts they will be charged with trespassing." He spoke. "Thank you." I walked to Kota and linked my arm with his. "Will everyone please stand for the bride."  That was the cue  for us to walk down the aisle. 


My brother cried as he led me to Harry. He kissed me on the cheek as Zaria Lunayevskaya before I become Zaria L. Styles. I walked to where Harry and the speaker. The bridesmaids were Eleanor,Nicole, Perrie, Danielle, and Anna,. The grooms were Louis of course, Zayn, Liam,Niall, and Harry's cousin Xavier.


" Today we are here to see this lovely couple become one. To love each other through all the ups and downs.The groom and the bride has written their own vows." Harry cleared his throat.

" Zaria, when I left for the X Factor - I felt  something was missing. When I found you I instantly knew that you could fix that. I promise you that I will be there, for everything and anything you need me for. Same exact thing for Darcy. You can count on me for every thing small or big. I love you Zaria." I wiped my eyes. "That was beautiful." I smiled. 


" Harry, I remember when I couldn't even understand my own accent while speaking English. You didn't give  up on me. You were the one who made me want to stay UK  while I was an Foreign Exchange student. Only you made me want to come back. I knew from the start we were going to be something. You help push me to be  anything I wanted to be. I hope that I can do the same for you." 


"Harry do you take Zaria to be your beloved wife?" He spoke. "I do." Harry smiled the biggest smile. He slipped my ring on. "Zaria do you take Harry to be your beloved husband?" He asked. 

"I do." I smiled and placed Harry's ring on his left ring finger. "You may now kiss your bride." 


Harry grabbed my waist and kissed me like hasn't felt my lips in months. I placed my hands on his neck an  kissed back. The crowd clapped and smiled. 


We walked down the aisle and entered the limo and headed to our reception. We went to the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and rented out the ballroom for the whole night. I chose this place because it's just so much to it. Like you could imagine seeing an 1800's wedding here. I just love this.


All the bridesmaids ran up to me. "I just loved how your brother walked you down the aisle. Almost like he was giving you up to Harry." Danielle smiled. "I know but I really didn't imagine it being him." I said and gave a weak smile. 


Tonight was amazing. Disney gave us those cute little button badge things saying "Just Married". Harry and I had our first dance as a first couple. Then Darcy joined us.  I couldn't have wished for anything more.





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