His Secret Daughter (1D)

"She's our mistake Zaria!" He yelled at me. "She's not a mistake! I do not regret those 9 months of an aching back,swollen feet, and especially all the moments I had with her! Darcy was such a little mistake but such a great thing that happened Harry!" I screamed. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked looking me in the eyes.I honestly didn't know nor did I have the courage. "Then she must have been a regret." He spat and slammed the front door.
I'm Zaria Lunayevskaya, Harry's ex girlfriend,18 year old mother of a 2 year old named Darcy. She will always be Harry's secret daughter but not for so long perhaps.


16. Packing.





We have 2 days before we have to leave for the wedding.

"Harry come on we have to pack!" I yelled as Harry was pretending to be napping with sleeping Darcy. "But I'm tired!" Harry cried. I rolled my eyes and pulled him out of bed. "No! Please! I'm sorry!" Harry pleaded as I sat on top of him. We're getting married in Florida. I saw a tweet that asked about my maid of honour.


" Haydenlove_: Who's your maid of honour Zaria?"
"_zaeluna: The Louis tomlinson. @Louis_Tomlinson @Haydenlove_ Jk it's my cousin Nicole. "

I packed a bikini, sandals, shorts, shirts, a casual sun dress, sunglasses. Possibly everything else I could need. I also brought my  wedding dress and heels downstairs. "Ah tanning sounds great." I smile. I finished packing early since I started about a month ago. I just started to add more stuff. "Okay Harry bring your clothes for me so I can pack them babe!" I ordered. Harry gathered all his stuff from the closet. "Okay hand me your stuff to fold and you pack." I say. We finished about 30 minutes later.  I smiled,"Wasn't that easy Harry?" He looked at me like I was crazy. "No because you messed it up 5 times because it wasn't in correct order." I laughed and stood up. He slapped my ass.



"Let's pack Darcy up." I say and run down the hall to Darcy's room.  I go into her walk-in closet. "Harry is her suitcase in here?" I asked. "Yeah." He handed me the pink suitcase. I packed her rompers,shorts, sandals,shirts, and bows.  Her dress was a mini turquoise high-low like the bridesmaids.

 Eleanor had her baby boy on the day I found I was pregnant again. Little Lucas is adorable. Louis's mother insisted that she'll watch the baby because she wanted Eleanor to attend the wedding. Also because Louis is Harry's best man.




I gave Harry a high five. " Do you want lunch Harry?" I ask. "Yeah, can you make me a roast beef sandwich?" Harry pleaded. "I suppose so." I went down the stairs to the kitchen.  I grabbed the mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, the meat, and pistellotes. I made Darcy and Harry one , and then myself.  I brought it upstairs to see that Harry woke Darcy up. "Harry! She had 15 more minutes!" I yelled. "I'm sorry but I was bored!" I shook my head. "Here's yours princess and none for Daddy." I smiled. "But why mummy?" She asked. "Because Daddy's been a bad boy." He stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed and passed him his plate.









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