His Secret Daughter (1D)

"She's our mistake Zaria!" He yelled at me. "She's not a mistake! I do not regret those 9 months of an aching back,swollen feet, and especially all the moments I had with her! Darcy was such a little mistake but such a great thing that happened Harry!" I screamed. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked looking me in the eyes.I honestly didn't know nor did I have the courage. "Then she must have been a regret." He spat and slammed the front door.
I'm Zaria Lunayevskaya, Harry's ex girlfriend,18 year old mother of a 2 year old named Darcy. She will always be Harry's secret daughter but not for so long perhaps.


2. Hospital.



I rushed up the stairs to find Darcy screaming. "Mumma! It hurts!" She cried. "What hurts Darcy?" I asked going into panic mode. She just cried harder and harder into my chest. After half and hour of holding her to sleep, I decided to put her down in her bed. "Maybe it was just a bad dream, or something Zaria. Nothing more." I thought to myself.  The next day Darcy sends out another set of piercing cries.



I go to her room to find her eyes not even open but still crying. As I picked her up I notice she was feeling extremely hot and that she wasn't acting like herself before the party and everything.



"Name?" The receptionist asked. "Darcy,..Styles." I replied while rocking Darcy in my arms. Yes, her last name is Styles, evil, I know but I did just for future preperations. Plus Harry, is the father no matter how long he doesnt know about Darcy. "Okay, go to the waiting room and we'll let you know when Dr.Fernandez is ready." I nodded and made my way by the other anxious mothers. Darcy is finally asleep but still feels hot. "Darcy, wake up, princess." I cooed and gave a little shake to her small body. Her eyes opened  and she clung to my body. After about 20 minutes we were called.



"So what seems to be the situtation?" She asked. "Well, the problem is I don't know what's the matter with Darcy. One day she's sleeping perfectly fine then wakes up screaming with a 105 degree fever."


I sigh while rubbing circles on Darcy's back. "Sounds like a severe ear infection." She replied to the symptomns and looked into Darcy's infected right ear. "Not to bad, but antibiotics and ear drops will surely knock it out." She said writing down the prescription. "Okay, well thank you." I say and help Darcy go pick a sucker and 2 stickers. "Darcy tell Dr. Fernandez bye and thank you!"  "Bye and thank you!" She called out. Dr.Fernandez let out a laugh. "Bye Darcy and your welcome!"


We went to Walmart and dropped off her prescription and got subway. In the car we listened to the radio and One Direction came on.



"You're Insecure don't know what for

you turn heads when you walk through door

Don't need make up to cover up"



"That was One Direction! They're going to be flying back to London for a four month break in 2 days! Get ready fans!" The host gushed the news. I rolled my eyes. Let's hope they stay in London.

"Mummy, I like that song!" Darcy said excitedly. "Yeah, it's a great song Darcy!" I muttered.



A/N: Sorry so short! Kinda having a writer's block since I don't want Harry to appear until aleast 3-5 chapters! How'd ya like it though? ~ Summer Jade



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