His Secret Daughter (1D)

"She's our mistake Zaria!" He yelled at me. "She's not a mistake! I do not regret those 9 months of an aching back,swollen feet, and especially all the moments I had with her! Darcy was such a little mistake but such a great thing that happened Harry!" I screamed. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked looking me in the eyes.I honestly didn't know nor did I have the courage. "Then she must have been a regret." He spat and slammed the front door.
I'm Zaria Lunayevskaya, Harry's ex girlfriend,18 year old mother of a 2 year old named Darcy. She will always be Harry's secret daughter but not for so long perhaps.


7. Darcy, Mummy, & Harry Day .


 Saturday is a chill and relax day for me until 8:30, which is when Darcy starts to wake up. More time for me, yes. Wrong. My voice in my head laughed ."Mummy! Mummy! Wake up!" Darcy jumped on my bed.  She climbed on top of me and whispered tickling words into my ear. "Darcy! Mummy's tired." I whined. She came in front of me and did the most used face she could make. Puppy dog. "You win kiddo."  I crawled from under the duvet. I pulled my drawers open and I picked the best outifit that could possibly suit where ever Harry is taking us. It was a turquoise spaghetti strap  top that was laced at the chest area , white skinny jeans, and my light tan sperry's.  My hair placed with a BumpIt in the front and a high Ponytail. The ponytail was pretty long for how high it was, my hair reached a few inches before my waist.  Dracy came running in with Black jeggings, a red ladybug decorated shirt and pink converse. "Your outfit is perfect Darcy but can you swicth out your pink converse with your red ones?" She nodded and came back in her black socks and red converse in  each of her hands.


The door rang and I went open it. "Coming!" I yelled. Darcy trailing behind me with her shoes in one hand. There stood harry with a boquet of red roses that faded into orange and a Teddy Bear for Darcy. Even if it wasn't valentines, he could make any symbol adorable. "Thank you! I love them! They smell amazing, Harry!" I grabbed the roses and found a vase. I carefully poured in the flower food and brought them to my room. I quickly set them on my nightstand and returned to the livingroom.  "Thank you Harr- Daddy!" Darcy chirped. "Let me help you with those shoes." Harry bent over and made a big bow on her Shoes as she hugged the teddy bear that was as big as her. "Ready Ladies?" We nodded and headed to Harry's car. 


We headed over to some expensive resturant. I turned me head in the direction the waitress was looking at. Darcy and Harry taking silly pictures on his phone. "The really do look alike.Precious little girl." She stated. I smiled and thanked her. Our food came out I order the shrimp alfredo and I already knew my fitness coach was going to kill me. Harry grilled chicken and whatever side he ordered. Darcy mostly ate of my plate. I looked at our waitress watching Darcy like a hawk until her manager started parking orders at her.  "Okay maybe she was day dreaming. No, she was really looking hard at Darcy. Let it go Zaria". I thought. "Darcy speaks so much and clearly for a 2 year old." Harry laughed. "Yeah, I'm glad though. Now she can tell me what she wants but then again I still have to work on to get her to shut up." I replied with a chuckle. Darcy scrunched up her face at me then continued to color.


" Where are we going now?" I whined. Carbs. Ugh sleepiness. I hate carbs. "My Mum's. Gemma's over there too." He answered. I nodded. " Who's Ge-emma and your Mum?" Dracy called from the back . I couldn't help but giggle at her pronounciation of Gemma's name. "Gemma's my sister which is your aunt and My mom is your grandma." He looked into the rearview mirror. "But I already have a grammy!" She stated. "Darcy you have a grammy on mummy's said and a grammy on Harry's side too." I explained. She still looked confused but she let it slide. I noticed Harry flinched when I didn't say daddy. My mistake. Let's hope Ms. Anne won't hate my guts.


A/N: Why do you think that lady was concentrating on Darcy so much ?  How do you think Anne will react to Harry and Zaria ? Oh and leave in the comments your info,looks, personality etc. Because I'm looking for Nialler's princess ! See ya laters I have volleyball practice ! Muah <3 ! ~ sjadexx Summer .

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