His Secret Daughter (1D)

"She's our mistake Zaria!" He yelled at me. "She's not a mistake! I do not regret those 9 months of an aching back,swollen feet, and especially all the moments I had with her! Darcy was such a little mistake but such a great thing that happened Harry!" I screamed. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked looking me in the eyes.I honestly didn't know nor did I have the courage. "Then she must have been a regret." He spat and slammed the front door.
I'm Zaria Lunayevskaya, Harry's ex girlfriend,18 year old mother of a 2 year old named Darcy. She will always be Harry's secret daughter but not for so long perhaps.


12. Can We Keep It?



   It's been about almost 3 months since Harry and I made it official to ourselves. Harry comes over and spends the night. One thing I didn't really think about is teaching her a bit of Russian. The only reason was because I had constant thoughts of moving back to Russia. I missed my best guy friend Blayne and he was willing to help. But instead he moved down here married my older sister Katya and is now Darcy's Uncle. So that helps.

 I'm watching Harry and Darcy play outside in the backyard. "Daddy! You have to watch for lava!" She warned and led her Dad away from danger. "Lunch is ready!" I yelled from the double door. They came running like a bunch of kids. Well let me correct myself, Harry did. They took their places at the table.  


"Okay we have Grilled Cheese sandwhiches , a fruit cup, and apple juice." I say and place the plates in front of them.I join them and eat my salad and some water. "Thanks mummy!" Darcy replies. "Your welcome baby." I say and pick up her plate with mine. "Can I go play now?" She asked witha smile. "You go ahead, mummy has to do the dishes." I replied. She skipped outside. She looked so adorable today. It's the end of March and it's nice outside. Darcy was wearing her white capris, a turquoise shirt, black Toms, and her grey sweater. Her hair styled in a cute messybun with her orange bow.

The last dish was put away finally and the kitchen was spotless. Perfect home. I ordered a sectional  instead of my old couch. So that's coming tomorrow. Darcy's new spring outfits coming in tomorrow.  Then family pictures soon with my mum and my brother Kota and his family.

I felt a Harry wrap his arms around my waist. "Babe, Darcy looks so lonely without sibilings." Harry said and poked out his bottom lip."I'm glad you think so. Here's baby number two." I poked out my belly a little and rubbed it. I mean if I poked it out majorly I could look like I'm 2 months or something. "You're serious?" He said and I turned around. "No." I laughed. He poked out his lip. "Aw baby fever?" I teased. He nodded his head. "Well Darcy isn't going to be our only child. We're going to get married first..hopefully. Then I'll become a soccer mom. Then since we'll be married you'll be stuck with me!" "Forever?" He asked. I nodded and smiled. I got up on my tip toes and kissed him on the lips. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His tongue begged for entrance and he was gladly accepted. Our tongues could've went on forever but Darcy is outside. I had to end it anyways because I was in a lack of oxygen.

  "Shall we continue this tonight?" Harry asked I bit my lip and nodded my head. We walked outside and blew bubbles with Darcy. "Hey can the boys come over or do we have something planned?" Harry asked

"Yeah sure I could use the excitement." I smiled. He texted them and they were on their way soon.


   Harry's Pov


I say the most perfect picture of Darcy and it was literally steps away from me. Darcy was in the flower garden by the picnic table Zaria and I was sitting. I snapped a picture of her kneeling at the flower garden with a butterfly in her hands. "Zaria, babe, look what I caught." She turned around."Oh my gosh! That's gorgeous Harry!" She exclaimed. "Can I post on twitter?" I asked. "I don't mind. They're going to find out one way or another.  I upload the picture with the caption: Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful.

Darcy truly is. A few minutes later the boys showed up with a traveling kennel. Darcy came down the slide and came by me and her mom. "Go check it out Darcy." I say and point to Liam holding the kennel.

"Babe what is that?" Zaria questioned. "A.Um. Husky, love." I replied. She raised her eyebrow."Seriously!"

"Yes seriously." I laugh. "Then let's go see it!" She yelled.  There was a small sable Siberian Husky. "I remember you said you wanted a husky that color but the only one was a runt." I say scratching my neck. "He's Perfect." She smiled. The puppy had Icey Blue eyes. And instantly fell in love with Darcy.

"So we can keep it?" I ask. "Well duh, Harry." Darcy was now holding the puppy with Niall. "Hey guys what about the name Keenai from Brother Bear?" Niall asked.

AN: OH MY GOSH THEY"RE FRICKIN ADORABLE! Harry wants a baby! Lol ZaHarry moments Harry so fatherly like in this chapter. & Congrats to HisSecret Daughter's character Harry's first pov !

Well I hope you guys like it ! xoxo Summer Jade








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