New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


10. Why are you here?

Why are you here?

Danielle's POV

The door opened and in came Louis' psycho ex girlfriend Jamie. She was sent to a psychic hospital do to trying to kill Louis. She was in there for about 3 years and we've never heard one thing about her in that time now she's just randomly here. Good thing Louis' asleep or this would've went badly. 
"Why are you here?" Niall asked
"I'm here to see my boyfriend in the hospital for the cancer he has?" She said
"He's not your boyfriend, you tried to kill him you physco!"   Niall yelled stepping closer to her 
"Yes he is." She said stepping closer to the bed 
Eleanor and Perrie looked scared.
"No he's not you tried to murder him you fucking retard" Niall said
" Jamie you need to leave" Liam said 
"I'm not leaving my helpless boyfriend in the hospital with cancer" she said try to get closer to Louis 
"For the last time he's not your fucking boyfriend you physco get the fuck out!" Zayn yelled in her face 
"Fine" she said and left
"She's not gonna give up that easy Perrie said 
"Who was that" Eleanor said 
"Oh shit you don't know what happened" Liam said

Eleanor's POV 

"What story" I asked 
"The one of her trying to kill Louis" Niall said 
"I'll tell her" Zayn said
"Okay so one night she came back from here moms house and just randomly thought Louis had cheated on her and wouldn't let that go so when Louis was sleeping she went in his room tied his ankles and wrists to the bed posts and got on top of him and woke him up and Louis woke up and asked her what the hell she was doing and why he was tied up and she said you cheated on me and took a knife out and started cutting down his bare chest and nears is collar bone, then just when she was about to stab him him in the heart Harry came in the room and stopped her" Zayn finished 
"Wow she's psychotic" I said 
"Yep!" Niall said 
We should go visit Harry" Liam said 
"Alright" we all responded 
We were on our way to Harry's room and we went in and he was sitting up in his bed nibbling on a bagel 
He was adorable. 

Perrie's POV 

"Hey guys whats up?" Harry's asked 
"Hey we have some news" I said 
"What's that,if he's dead just tell me" Harry said putting his bagel down
"What no!" I said 
"Okay then what is it?" He asked
"Umm.. Jamie's back" Zayn said
"WHAT?! What happened" he yelled
"She thought her and Louis were still dating and still does" Eleanor said
"We got rid of her though" Niall said 
"Good, but what if she comes back, what if she's in his room, we need someone to stay there all the time so she doesn't do anything" Harry demanded 
"Okay I'll go" Niall said 

Niall's POV 

I was walking to Louis' room and the door was shut strange? I knocked on the door no answer I walked to the nurse and asked why his door was shut 
"Oh he has a visitor she said it was urgent" she responded 
"Who? Did she leave a name?" 
"Yeah she said her name was Jamie" 
Oh shit. 
"Oh ok thanks" 
I ran back to the room and barged in 
"Holy shit Niall you scared us" Danielle said
"Jamie us in Louis' room being a visitor" I panted 
"What we need her out if there!" Harry yelled trying to get up 
"No you need to stay" Liam said 
"But that's Louis and he has a psychotic murdering bitch in his room we need to save him!" Harry yelled
"Me and Niall will go" Zayn said 
"Okay please hurry" Harry pleaded 
"Will do" Zayn said and we left 


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