New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


11. Where's Louis?

Wheres Louis? 

Louis' POV

"Hello louis you have a visitor,do you want to see them or do you want me to tell them to come back!" My nurse asked me
"I'll see them" I responded 
"Okay I"'ll go get her" 
When the nurse left I just hoped it was my mom I miss her. There was a knock at me door and in came Jamie... Oh shit.

Harry's POV

I hope nothing bad happens to Louis, he's my Best friend I'd be heartbroken. Niall and Zayn barge in 
"They won't let us in, she requested a 'Private visit' "Niall said using his fingers to quote private. 
"Oh my god" I said starting to tear up 
"What are we going to do" I asked
"NOOOOO!" We heard a familiar voice yell 
"NO! LOUIS!" I yelled 
I tried to get up but they held me back
"Let me go that's my best friend!" I yelled 
"You have to stay here, we'll go" Liam said 
The boys left me all alone, the girls went home earlier today so I was completely alone. Worrying about my best friend.

Liam's POV

We got to Louis' room and told the nurse to open the door and she did, we got in and Louis was bleeding from his scar by his collar bone from where Jamie cut him before she was sent away,so I'm guessing she cutover it 
Niall went over and Louis told him it hurt so Zayn went and got the nurse. After a few minutes Louis was all stitched up and the nurse said we had to leave him for the day so we went and signed Harry out. 


We were all really tired so we all just went  up and slept. 

Jamie's POV 

Harry was getting signed out today so I took this as my opportunity to do it. Louis was getting signed out tomorrow morning so I decided to stay the night here. Perfect plan.


Me and the boys were getting ready to go pick up Louis. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a muscle shirt, Zayn Is swearing beige skinny jeans with a black polo,Niall's wearing black skinny jeans with a blue button up shirt, and Harry's wearing sweat pants and at-shirt. We all got in the car and started driving to the hospital.


we arrived and the boys were sitting in the waiting room, I went up to the front desk and asked for his release papers. 
"Hi I'm here for Louis Tomlinson tossing his release papers" I said 
"I'm sorry I don't understand Louis was released this morning" she said 
"I'm sorry but if you don't mind me asking DoYou remember who?" I asked
"Yeah she was very pretty, she had long brown curly hair and blue eyes, I think she said her name was Jamie" she responded
"Oh ok thank you" I thanked 
"Your welcome" she responded 
As I was walking back to the waiting room all I was thinking was that Jamie had just kidnapped Louis one of my Bestfriends and how Harry would handle it, or even Eleanor
"Hey guys Louis was already signed out" I said 
"By who?!" Harry asked 
Oh here we go
"Jamie.. " I responded 
"Oh my god what the fuck. She had the nerve to kidnap him after just coming out of I psychiatric hospital" he said 
"I guess" I responded 
"We'll I'm going to find them I don't care no matter what I'm saving my Bestfriend" harry said getting up and walking away. We all followed

Louis' POV 

I woke up with my hands and ankles tied to a chair.what the hell is going on? I tried to get loose but I couldn't. 
"Ohh Louis I heard that oh so familiar and creepy voice. Jamie's. wait she kidnapped me! She came down the n stairs and seen the I was awake and came over and kissed me? K? We remind me to wash my mouth when I get home.
"Oh Louis I'm so happy were together again after so many years" she said now sitting on top of me with her legs on each side of me facing my direction. Kill me now. 
"Why did you take me?" I asked her 
"I didn't take you silly" she said laughing 
"Jesus take your meds, can't you see I'm tied up to a fucking chair against my will you kidnapped me!" I screamed at her
"K? But I love you and Im going up stairs going out with my girls, be back soon" she said and left I tried getting free and noticed a pink mark coming out of my t shirt by my collar scar from when she cut me. Then I remembered everything.
Im dead, she's gonna go crazy and try to kill me again. I'm screwed. 


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