New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


13. We Need To Find Him.

Harry's POV

When we got off the phone I told everyone about the place.

'Wait I know where that is Louis asked me to help him with one of their anniversary things and he took me there to set it up" Niall said

"Okay lets go" Liam said

we all piled in the car and started driving to the little house it was probably a 2 hour drive.. he needs to get back to the hospital for more treatments.

Louis' POV

Jamie came back down with a man and in a new outfit cause 'I got blood all over it'.

"Louis, who were you talking on the phone with I wont be mad" she said rubbing my cheek. my pink scar from last time she cut me years ago is bleeding because that's where she cut me. I was just praying harry is on his way.

"I was talking to Harry" I told her

"you what?!" she screamed and elbowed the man with followed him to punch me in the eye.

"what did you tell him?!" she asked

"I might have told him an idea of where we are" I said

"you moron!!" she yelled and the man punched me in my nose. shit.

"I'll give you sometime with him" Jamie said to the man.

"teach him a lesson"

"Alright my pleasure" he said cracking his knuckles

I put my head down and sighed this Is gunna hurt.

Harry's POV

we were about and hour into the drive to the house and we were all praying he was okay.

Louis' POV

this man punched me two more times in the eye, nose and a few in ribs. those hurt the most I think he broke a few. I can feel the black eye forming and the blood is just pouring out of my nose I probably look like roadkill right now. hope Harry's almost here. the man tied my wrist to the chair and put my hand flat down on the arm rest

"your a little punk! why would you upset Jamie like that" he asked

"because im not her boyfriend we broke up years ago!" I said

"well she claims you still are dating" he says

"well she's retarded then" I responded

"what did you say?!" he yelled in my face

"I said shes retarded then" I responded

"you little" he said and slammed his knfe in my hand. I screamed in pain

he threw a few more punches here and there and left.

*50 minutes later*

"Louis me and Brad are going out be back soon" she yelled and left

"no I didn't wanna come thanks for asking" I said under my breath.

I've been sitting her for ten minutes now just hoping Harry gets here before Jamie gets back. just then I hear the door open and close...




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