New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


3. Tour, And Slumber Party

Louis' POV

I Asked Eleanor if she wanted a tour since she was so fascinated and she said she wanted one I told her to follow me.
"Well this is the foyer" I started and walked towards the living room. Everyone was in there.
"Hey guys I'm just gonna give Eleanor a tour be back soon?" I told them
"Yeah yeah go" Harry said back
I smirked
"We pull lets go in the kitchen" I told her
"Ok" she responded
We headed to the kitchen and I help the push door open for her
The kitchen was and average kitchen but I had an added two add one the push doors, and I window facing the living room
"This is very nice Louis" she said
"Thanks" I responded
We head down the hall and I just pointed out the rooms
"That's the theatre room, gym, one of the plenty guest rooms" I said and we headed back to the foyer and went up one of the two staircases
"That's my room" I said as I opened up the door to reveal a very messy room
She giggled
"Sorry about that" I blushed
"It's alright" she said while smiling
God she was beautiful
I showed her all the guest rooms but when we got to the last one her eyes lit up
"Do you like this one?" I questioned
"I love it" she sadi back in aw
The room had white walls, a walk in closet, a full in suite bathroom, and had a bench thing by the window so when you sit on it you can look out the window
"Well whenever you come over it can be yours to sleep in or whatever" I said back
"Really?" She questioned
"Yeah all the others have one" I said back
"So this is yours my room is the exact same" I said
"Thanks Louis" she said
"Your welcome" I responded
We walked back down stairs to everyone else. We were greeted by some finally's but Harry being the pervert he is he said "how as it?"
"How was what?" Me and Eleanor said at this same time
"Nevermind" Harry laughed
"Your sick Hazza" I said
Me and Eleanor sat down
"Wanna watch a movie?" I asked everyone
"Sure what movie?" Perrie asked
"How about toy story?" Danielle asked
"My girl give me some skin!" Liam kinda yelled and raised his hand at Danielle
She gave him a high five
"Alright" I said
I went over and put in toy story and returned to my spot next to Eleanor
After the movie was done I turned to Eleanor and she looked tired
"Wanna stay over?" I asked her
"Sure but I have no clothes" she said
"we'll stop by your house and get some everyone else is leaving to get some clothes and come back and stay over" I said
"Ok let's go" she said
By then everyone was gone already
I grabbed my car keys to my car and held the door open for her and started to drive to her house
"Right here" she said
I pulled In the driveway and turned the car off and sat there
"Aren't you coming in" she asked while smiling
"Sure I quess"
We walked into her house and was greeted by her parents in guessing she was an only child
"Hi Eleanor who's this young man" her mom asked
"Louis a friend form school" she responded
"Hi I'm Phillip" her dad said to me sticking out him hand
"Louis Tomlinson" I responded
"Hi I'm Deborah" her mo. Said gesturing her hand out I took it and smiled
"You have a lovely family" I said to Eleanor"
"Thanks" she responded while blushing
"Oh mom can I sleepover at Louis' house a girl I met Danielle she introduced me to Louis and 4 other boys and one other girl and their all gonna be there can I go?"
"Yes you can" she responded
I felt I slight of relief. I think I like Eleanor.

Eleanor's POV

Me and Louis went up stairs after asking my parents if I can go and they said yes. I was relieved because I think I'm starting to like Louis. No I do like him. We went up to my room and I went and started packing my thing ps for an over night stay. I look up to see Louis standing outside if my room.
"You can come in you know you don't ave to stay out there" I said
"Alright" he responded
I was done packing and we headed to Louis' everyone was there's and in the rooms. Liam was sharing with Danielle, Perrie was sharing with Zayn and Harry was by himself and Niall was to
Louis took my bags up to my room and set them down.
"Thanks" I said
"Your welcome" he said back
And then he left the room
I went and changed in my pjs and climbed in bed I sat there and said to myself I'm gonna ask Louis if he has feelings for my tomorrow. And then I drifted off to sleep

Louis' POV

I go into my room and change into my pj pants I didn't bother putting a shirt on and climbed In bed. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about Eleanor then I said to myself I'm gonna ask Eleanor if she has feelings for me tomorrow.
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