New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


5. New News For The Boys And Girls


Harry's POV

As soon as Louis said that I was gonna break, why does this have to happen to my Bestfriend? Louis doesn't deserve this awful thing. 
"Harry what are we gonna do?" Louis asked with tears in his eyes
"Want me to take you to the doctors to see if you have the same symptoms you did before?" I answered him with a little bit of tears coming
"Yeah but just don't tell the boys or the girls the real reason were going please" he begged
"I promise you" I responded 
I kneeled down and put Louis' arm around my shoulder helping him up and down the stairs we got down the stairs and everyone crowded around us
"Harry whats wrong with him?" A worried Niall asked
"We don't know yet that's why I'm gonna take him to the hospital right now is that ok?" I reassured them
"Can we come?" Zayn asked
I looked over to Louis and he shook his head and I nodded at him I looked up at the boys and said
"I think it would be better if just me and Lou went"I said 
"Ok just fill us in alright?" Liam asked
"I will" I said 
I looked down at Louis and he bowed his head at me and smiled I gave the gesture back
Me and Louis head to my black range rover I helped him and and went to my side and got in and started driving. 


The doctor just came out of Louis' room and started to tell me what was wrong
"Louis' symptoms are the same as last time when he recovered, I don't know how they are back because I saw him recover with my own eyes but they are worse than before Im very sorry." He said and patted my shoulder and walked away
I looked over at Louis through the door he had all these tubes in him at different places and his eyes were closed I started to sob and I fell to the ground and hugged my knees to my chest. 
"Are you okay sir?" A nurse came over and grabbed my shoulder 
I shook my head no
" do you want me to call anyone?" I nodded and handed her my phone and told her to call Liam
I got up and went inside Louis' room, I looked at him and stroked his pale cheek with my thumb, I just don't get why it has to happen to Louis. He's done nothing wrong. 
I was crying now in my own world full of the memories Louis and I had when the door burst open and in came Liam and everyone else. 

Liam's POV 

I was just making everyone's tea when my phone rung I looked at the caller ID and it's as Harry. I ran to the living room and answered it and pressed speaker. 
"Hello?" I questioned 
"Hi this Is a nurse from the London hospital" 
"Hi where's Harry."
"He's an emotional wreck beside his friend Louis" he needs all of you guys and girls to get down here" 
"Ok we'll be there as soon as possible" 
"Hey wait do you know what's wrong with Louis" 
"I think your better off to find out by him" 
" ok thanks"
I hung up and we all got in my car and drove as fast as we could to the hospital. 
We got to the hospital and went to the front desk
"Were here for mr.tomlinson what room is he in?" Eleanor asked
"He's in room 423" she answered 
We all ran to the elevator and got In 
"Hey guys" Danielle said 
It looked like she couldn't finish
"The fourth floor is cancer treatment" perrie finished. 
We all stood the shocked. 
"What is going on?" Niall said and he started to break down and we and we all tried to comfort even though we all were trying not to cry ourselves. 
why Louis. 

Louis' POV 

when the doctor told me the news I tried my hardest not to break the doctor left to talk to Harry I pretended to be asleep I couldn't quite hear but then all of a sudden Harry fell to floor and sobbed. I decided to try and get some sleep the last thing I remember was hearing footsteps and a thumb stroking my cheek that I et was pale. And then I drifted off. 

Harry's POV

Liam and everyone came running over to me all crying 
"Harry why is Louis on the cancer treatment floor?" 
I looked everyone over and said
"Me and Louis didn't wanna tell you but a couple months ago Louis was having the same thing he has now but not as serious some went to the hospital and the doctor said he has early symptoms of leukemia" I answered and started to cry
Eleanor came over and comforted me.
"And you guys never bothered to tell us." Zayn whisper yelled so he wouldn't wake Louis. 
"It wasn't this serious and he was scared" I said while looking down at Louis. 

Eleanor's POV

I can't believe the one I love has leukemia. Just a few days ago he was all laughs and jokes. He was fine. That's when he told me he has feelings for me. Now he has a possibility of dying. 



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