New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


4. New Feelings

Louis' POV

I decided to make breakfast for everyone. That's about 8 people. Great. I went downstairs and got out a pack of 18 eggs and 4 packs of bacon. I started the bacon and it started to smell a little. I hear footsteps and look up to see Harry
"Boobear whats that smell it smiles like shit" he says in a tired voice
"I'm cooking bacon" i responded
"We'll that explains it" he said while laughing
"Thanks Hazza" I said sarcastically
"Your welcome but here I'll help, you can set the table?" He said while giving me a cheeky smile
"Ok" i said. I set the table for 8 people's then everyone came piling in
"Yay breakfast Niall" yelled while sitting down
Everyone sat down
"It smells good Hazza" Liam said
"Thanks, it did smell like shit when I came down because Louis was cooking" he said with a laugh then winked at me
"Really you gotta bring that up, that was our secret" I said while laughing and also winking back
We all sat down and ate
"This is really good" Perrie said
"Yeah" Zayn said
"Thanks" I said
"What!?! I made it" Harry said while laughing
"Woah calm down there curly! I was kidding!" I said
"But I cooked it half way" I whispered to Niall Niall started giggling
"What's so funny" Harry asked
"Nothing...." I said
"Mmmhhhmmmm" Harry said back
Breakfast was over and I volunteered to do the dishes. I looked out the window from my kitchen to the living room and saw they were watching pitch perfect. I found my gaze towards Eleanor she looked back at me smiled then looked away. I turned my gaze back to the dishes and then heard the sound of the push doors opening. I looked over my shoulder to see Eleanor.
"Hey" I said not looking up from the dishes.
"Heey" she responded
"Can we talk?" She asked
"Yeah I wanted to talk" I said
"About?" She asked
"What did you wanna talk about?" I asked
"We'll it's more like a question" she responded
"Mine to" I said
" wanna say it at the same time" she asked
"Sure" I said
"On the count of 3. 1....2...3"
"Do you have feelings for me?" We both said
"I like you Eleanor so yes" I said shyly going back to the dishes
"I like you to" she said
"Really?" I asked
"Yeah" she smiled
"Well that's good" I said while laughing I was done the dishes and I suddenly felt sick
"I feel sick I'll be right back" I said and dashed out the kitchen.

Eleanor's POV

I'm so glad he has feelings for me. After he told me I was relieved and we sat there For a few minutes then he broke it.
' I feel sick I'll be right back" he said and then ran out of the kitchen.
Right after he did I walked out the kitchen and everyone asked if he was alright
"Is he alright" they all asked
" I don't know we were talking and then he just said he felt sick and then ran out" I replied
"Oh no I'll be right back" Harry said
Then Harry ran up the stairs

Harrys POV
when Louis just ran out on Eleanor i asked her what happened
"What happened" I asked
"I don't know we were talking and he just said he felt sick then ran out holding his stomach and mouth" she replied
All that was going through my Mind was what it happening again?
"I'll go check on him" I said and walked up stairs
"Louis?" I asked looking around
"In here" he said weakly
I walked into the bathroom and saw him kneeling against his shower facing me with the toilet in front of him holding he stomach and looking up at me weakly
"I think it's happening again" Louis said weakly
I looked down at him and could tell my facial expression went from worried to terrified.
Louis' POV

I ran up to my bathroom and threw up in the toilet then I heard Harry coming so I flushed it down.
"Louis?" He questioned
"In here" I said weakly
"Hey you alright" he asked
I think it's happening again" I said
I looked up at Harry and his eyes went from worried to terrified.
Oh no not again
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