New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


1. First Day At The New School

Eleanor's POV

I woke up to my alarm I groaned, turned it off and got up to take a shower. I got out of the shower and dried my brown wavy hair went to my closet and took out my black jeans, white vans, and a white blouse. Soon enough I was ready for school and heading out the door.

I arrived at London high and went to the office to get my time table. I saw a girl standing there tapping the desk with her nails. I guess she was waiting for something or someone. There was an awkward silence for about 30 seconds until there was a loud sigh I look up to see the girl grabbing something I guess it was a late slip since school already started. She looks over at me and says "do you need one too?"
"No I'm new I'm getting my timetable"
She reaches over the desk and grabs a piece of paper and asks me
"Is your name Eleanor?"
"We'll This is yours, by the way my names Danielle and how about I show you your classes I'm late anyways"
"Thanks that would be great"
We started walking down the halls and Danielle asked me my locker number
"I'm not sure shouldn't it be on my timetable?"
"Oh that's right it's up these stairs follow me"
We walked up the stairs and when we got there we were greeted by a boy with a quiff and another boy with blonde hair
"Babeeee" the one with the quiff said and came over and kissed Danielle
It was awkward until they broke it and Danielle introduced me to the two boys the one with the quiff was named Liam and the blonde haired boy was named Niall
We all, exchanged hi's and also byes because me and Danielle had to go look for my classes.
Me and Danielle arrived at the Caf and got our lunches she was looking around for a minute or two then she said there they are
"Come meet my friends" she told me
"Ok" I responded
We got to the table Niall And Liam were there followed by 2 others a blonde haired girl, and a dark haired boy
We sat down and Daniele introduced me to her friends
"This is Perrie" she also said pointing to the blonde haired girl
"And this is Zayn" she said pointing to the dark haired boy
"Hi" I said
"Hi" they said back all at the same time
It was silent until Danielle broke it
"Where's Louis and Harry?" She asked
"Louis and Harry who's that?"
"Those are our other friends" Danielle answered
"Oh" I responded
"Only god knows where Louis and Harry are" Zayn answered Danielle's question from earlier
"Anyways Niall how was your-" Danielle was cut of by voices in the halls saying
"Catch me if you can Tommo!" And was followed by the doors bursting open and a boy with curly brown hair came running in the caf with silly string in his hand, ghetto hoping tables and chairs.
"Consider it done styles" another voice said followed by a boy wearing stripes also came running. I look over at everyone at our table and some are laughing and some are just smiling
I look back over to the two boys running and the curly haired one tripped and the one in stripes ran over and sprayed him right in the face and hair with the silly string.
"What was that about catching you if I can styles?" The one in stripes said I couldn't help but giggle
"Yeah yeah lets just go sit down" the curly one responded
The curly one plopped down and was full of silly string he looked over at me and says
"Harry" and sticks out his hand I gratefully take it
"Hi I'm-" he was cut of by the principal yelling
"Shit mr.Jones" Harry said while hiding under the table
"Yes mr.Jones" Louis said while standing up in a salute
I giggled a little
"We're you just chasing and spraying a kid with silly string?" The principal asked Louis
By this time everyone in the Caf was staring at Louis
"No Mr.Jones what would make you think of that Pfft" Louis said while giggling
That blew his cover
"THIS IS BULLSHIT!" Louis yelled
"Louis watch your language," mr jones said
"The kid I was chasing and spraying was- Never mind lets just go" Louis said
Harry popped up with no silly string on him anymore. I guess he took it off while he was down there.
Louis noticed that Harry was back up and walked out of the car with both his middle fingers in the air. The Caf came to a fit of laughter.
*15 minutes later*
Louis came from the other door behind Harry. The Caf went silent. I got Harry into a conversation so he wouldn't notice Louis or that the Caf was silent.

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