New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


2. Don't Pull On The Curls

Louis' POV

When I first came into the Caf chasing Harry and sat down, I sat down beside the most beautiful girl in the world she must be new because I would've remembered a face as beautiful as that.i tried to introduce my self but was cut of by Mr.Jones yelling "LOUIS TOMLINSON" and Harry being a little shit hid under the table so mr jones wouldn't see the silly string all over him.
"Yes mr jones" I said standing up in a salute
I heard her giggle a bit
"We're you just chasing and spraying a kid with silly string?" He asked me
Everyone in the Caf was staring at me because me and mr jones were talking from two different sides of the Caf
"No mr jones what would make you think that pfft". Said while Giggling
"THIS IS BULLSHIT!" I yelled back
I always get sent to the office or blamed for stuff me and Harry do
"Louis watch your language!" He said
"The kid I was chasing and spraying was-... Nevermind lets just go" I said a little angry
I noticed that Harry was back up from under the table so I walked out of the Caf with both my middle fingers up in the air above my head. The whole Caf came to a fit of laughter.
*15 minutes later*
15 minutes of getting told the same thing every time I'm in there ended i decided to go to the Caf but sneak up on Harry and do something to him. I went in the door that his back was facing to and when I came in the whole at went silent and looked at me. The girl that Danielle was with that I tried to introduce my self to saw me and started a conversation with Harry to distract him from me and noticing the Caf is silent and looking at me.
I can tell were gonna get along
I was sneaking up behind Harry And everyone was trying not to laugh I got to Harry and took his curls in my hands and pulled his head back and said
"If you ever do that again I will straighten or more likely shave your curls off"
Everyone laughed
"You guys like that one" I said laughing
Anyways I sat back down in the spot I was before beside the girl
"I never caught your name love?"
"Eleanor" she responded
"That's a lovely name I'm-" I was cut of by her
"Louis" she responded
"I heard mr jones yell it" she said while giggling
"Yeah" I said
"Hey guys wanna come to my house after school"
"Yeah" they all said
I turned to Eleanor
"Do you wanna come?" I asked her
"Yeah sure" she said

Eleanor's POV

We arrived at Louis' house at let me say it it was huge
"This Is huge Louis" I said
"Thank you?" He said while laughing
We were on our way in and Louis was struggling with the key to open the door leaving all of us waiting.
"Sorry one sec" Louis said while struggling
"Got it!" He said
He opened the door and I just stood there in amazement
"You alright?" Louis asked me
"Yeah it's big" I said while giggling
"Want at tour" he asked
"Yeah that'd be great thanks" I said
"Ok follow me"he said and started walking
I followed.

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