New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.


9. Bad News

New girl. New life. New life

Bad news 

Zayn's POV

We arrive at the hospital and the first thing we spot at the hospital doors is a sobbing Harry on the curb. I feel so sorry for Harry Him and Louis love each other like brothers their unbreakable. We all rushed out of the car and ran over to Harry I sat beside him and tried to all him down because he was shaking uncontrollably and we couldn't calm him down. 
"Niall go get a nurse!" I yelled 
"Alright" Niall said and ran off 
Soon after that Niall came back with a nurse she checked Harry out and called for back up to get him inside and in a room. He was having a horrible panic attack and an allergic reaction on top of it.
Harry was rushed into a room and we were all visiting him.

Liam's POV 

We were in Harry's room waiting for him to wake up, soon after Harry wakes up
"Is Louis ok?" He asked weakly
"Don't worry about Louis right now worry about yourself we'll go check on him have some rest we'll be back" I reassured him 
"Alright" he responded and drifted off 
We were just about to leave when the doctor comes in aNd starts talking about Louis. 
"Hey um I know your in here for Harry but I need to talk about Louis is that ok?" He asked
"That's more than ok" Perrie said
"Ok well your friend Louis has leukemia as you all know and recently he hasn't been responded to any treatments which Is not good" 
"Can you fix that and find a way to make him respond to them" Danielle asked
"We could try but it could not work and result in bad things" he said
"Like what?!" Eleanor asked 
"Well if Louis does not respond to treatments soon it could result in him getting very pale, loosing a lot of weight and pretty much looking like death, and it could result in a fatal way" he said sadly
"You mean he will die?!" Niall shouted while crying
"Possibly"  he responded 
"Oh my god" we all said 
"We'll I"ll leave you guys with him just call me if you need me" he said and walked out 

Eleanor's POV 

We were all talking about it when we heard a cough. We look over and it's Louis waking up
"Hey boobear" Niall says 
"Hey" louis says weakly 
He looks over at me and smiles 
I smile back
"Where's Harry" he asked 
"Harry's kinda in the hospital" Danielle said 
"WHAT WHY?!" Louis says trying to get up but Niall and Zayn hold him down
"NO LET ME GO!" Louis shouted
"You can't leave Louis" Perrie said
"We'll I need to see Harry" he said starting to cry
"I'm sorry but you can't" Zayn said 
"Whatever" Louis said and turned his back to us and ignoring. Soon after that whole break down Louis fell asleep. We were all talking when the door opened and it wasn't the doctor..

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