New Girl. New Friends. New Life.

Eleanor Calder moves to London from her home town and attends her local highschool "London High" and when she met 5 boys that made her life go into a wild turn.




Zayn's POV 

Louis is still in the Hospital. I'm worried. Today is our first day back to school from spring break which Louis spent in the hospital since day one. I was doing my usual routine by10 minutes I was downstairs. 
"Bout time" Niall said 
"Shut up" I said while laughing 
We all got up and headed out the door. Once we got in the school all of us decided to stick together since people will start stuff. We were walking to Niall's locker, as we were walking people were staring and moving to the side. 


It was silent. Everyone was eating and picking at their food, either to sad to talk or
The awkwardness is building up to much. The bell rang and we all got up and went our separate ways. 

Harry's POV

I dreaded going to Drama because that was the class I had with Louis just us two, we always dreaded because of Shane. Our bully. Out of us five all he does is pick on me and Louis. I walked through the door and saw him I walked to my seat and sat down, I looked to my left only to see an empty seat. Louis'. Tears started to well up in my eyes, but I didn't let them escape. I know Im Over reacting cause it's not like he's dead but he could die any minute. I started to daze off. 


I stood at the front of the class Louis and I were to perform a play I wasn't nervous getting nervous wasn't really my thing... 
"Ok Louis, do you remember your lines?" The teacher asked Louis looked at him then me basically saying "We were supposed to remember lines?" I felt the corners of my mouth pulling up into a smile. 
"Louis...?" The teacher says Louis snaps back into reality and he scratched at his chin and then started rambling on something that sounded like a mix between William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" to Robert Munch's The Paper Bag Princess" 
"Um Louis that's not correct.." The teacher says I chuckled 
"Yeah what play are you performing?" I asked we laughed together when Shane decided to make a comment. 
"Good thing it's the paper bag princess Louis could defiantly do the princess voice no problem at all." He said with a snarky "I'm so cool" voice I glared at him I've had so many fantasies of beating the shit out of Shane I couldn't even count on both hands, maybe even both of my feet. 
"At least I get passing grades" Louis shot back 
"Not likely dumb ass" Shane said Louis stood up 
"Enough you two!" The teacher shouted. 
I hated when this stuff happened. Louis always got blamed. 


I was brought back to reality because Shane was trowing stuff at me. That's when I couldn't take it anymore. I just got up and left the class, hell the whole school and went to see Louis. 

Eleanor's POV

I was in science the class me and Louis had together he was my lab partner. 
"Eleanor would you like a new lab partner since Louis is you know" my teacher asked
"Dying?!" I asked 
"I guess" she said
"No" I responded 
"We'll then your going to be doing it yourself then" she stated
"That's fine" I spat back to her

Niall's POV

This day really sucked. I wonder if everyone was having a hard time as well. As usual we all met by the car, 
"Hey guys"
"Hey" t hey all said
"You ok Niall?" Danielle asked 
"Yeah you alright" Perrie said
"Yeah just a tough day" I said 
"We all had a tough day" Zayn said 
"Where the hell is Harry" Liam asked 
"I'll call him" I said 
I took out my phone and dialed Harry's number he picked up after 2 rings
"Hello?" He asked sou ding like he's crying
"Hey bud, it's Niall aRe you ok?"I asked 
I put it on speaker.
"No.." He responded 
"What wrong?" I asked 
"Louis I'm at the hospital he's not responding to anything" he said sadly 
"What?!? What do you mean?" I said sternly 
"What I mean is that he's not responding to any treatments" he said
"Ok hold in were coming" I said 
I hung up the phone and looked everyone over
They were all crying especially Eleanor. 
We all got in the car and drove to the hospital once we got there in the parking lot all me saw on the curb was a sobbing Harry. 


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