My Dad, The Payne

So Lets say time froze except for Liam Payne's, Danielle Peazer, and I. But you don't know me, Well get to know me in "My Dad, The Payne".


7. Chapter 6

"Hey, listen we are going somewhere tonight, it is fancy ok so no sweatpants or just regular shirts, it is special." That was when Harry woke me up, I was sleeping on the couch my blonde hair was rapped around my neck, I was surprised I didn't choke "Um... ok, oh I got the results in today of what the baby or babys is!". Harry smiled "Wait, what?" he already knew what I was going to say "We are having twins!". "So, you know the genders? Do not tell me ok!". We hugged and I started getting ready, when Small Bump by Ed Sherran came on I started to cry, but I sucked it back in and turned to a different song I was not going to have that thought in my head that I was going to have a miscarriage. I was finally ready to go, best 2 hours spent on hair and makeup. I came out and Harry was sitting on the couch, "Hey, Ellie you know I always will love you, right." he said it seriously "Yeah, I hope you do.". He came up close to me and said "I wanted to ask... will... will you be Mrs.Styles?". I started crying, god I hated hormones, "Yes! Why would I say no!". It was all up hill, I hope.  

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