My Dad, The Payne

So Lets say time froze except for Liam Payne's, Danielle Peazer, and I. But you don't know me, Well get to know me in "My Dad, The Payne".


6. Chapter 5

It has been 7 months and my stomach was big, I don't know the gender yet because we want to get a surprise. I had a job, but I couldn't use it for a while, because I am a dancer and on a maternity leisure and I was happy for this. Harry and I had our own house and it was huge. We already had our names ready and if it was a girl we were going to name it Darcy and if it was a boy Jason. I went to my mom and dad's house all the time, I go there a lot more when Harry was working, because I get bored around the house, all I do is eat, sleep, and watch T.V. I walked through the door of y dad and mom's house. "Hellooo, anybody alive here!". Dad answered "Yeah we're here!". He came over "How is my grandchild today". "Wonderful, he or she is actually calm today." I smiled rubbing my belly. I spent time with mom and dad all day until Harry got back and I fell asleep. I was ready for this thing to get out of me.

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