My Dad, The Payne

So Lets say time froze except for Liam Payne's, Danielle Peazer, and I. But you don't know me, Well get to know me in "My Dad, The Payne".


5. Chapter 4

I walked into my house, thank god, my mom was in the dance studio, and dad was with Louis and Eleanor, shopping, he needed new shoes any way. I slipped on some clothes and tied my hair in a bun and called Harry "Hey, babe can you come over, please right away". "Babe are you okay, I am coming right over."

He came in I hugged him "Harry, listen we need to take this serious, and it is not a joke, Harry, we are going to be parents." It was quiet all over again and he kissed me "It will be Ok, we are going to be great parents." Then mom came home, I rubbed the back of my neck "Um, mom can I talk to you. please." I said looking at the ground. "Sure, hun, anything.". "Well, don't get mad at me and Harry, but me and Harry are also having baby.". She hugged me and "It is Ok, honey we can all go through this." I smiled she gave me a little hope, then she gave me this answer "But, wait till your dad's home and feel the wrath of doom". I could have screamed, because he came walking through the door "Oh hey dad, are you busy, 'cause I need to talk to you.", "Sure, anything". I stood there and looked at Harry like a stupid person, till it burst out of me "DAD, I AM PREGNANT WITH HARRY STYLES BABY, LIKE IT OR NOT LIKE IT I AM KEEPING IT WITH HARRY!". He breathed and calmed himself down "Ok, I know it matters to you, and I totally agree with your decision, but I still love you honey." he said it calmer than I actually expected. So I guess this was a adventure, the beginning of a never ending adventure. 

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