My Dad, The Payne

So Lets say time froze except for Liam Payne's, Danielle Peazer, and I. But you don't know me, Well get to know me in "My Dad, The Payne".


3. Chapter 2

It was after school and I was getting ready. When Harry walked in, "Hey babe, what are you doing." he said. "Trying to get ready for a party, you can come, if you want" I said smiling to him. "I will come, we can go as couple. And I wanted ask will you be my girlfriend, I would love to be with you everyday, every single minute, every moment. Please." he said it with so much emotion. "Well let's see, how long have I waited for you to ask me this question, oh yes 2 years now. Of course dumbo!" He picked me up and we kissed his lips were soft and then "OK put me down I got to go to a party looking nice so go in my dad's closet and find something kay!" I pushed him out my door and it was the best day ever officially.

It was time to go inside to the party. My best friend Ania came to me and said "Oh my gosh, is that Harry Styles and is he your.. your date?" she said with jaw open. "Well he is my boyfriend, and remember my dad is Liam Payne." I said smiling and looking at the ground. "Ermegerd, I wish I was you.

That night was wild and I was drunk and he was drunk and I never remembered what happened after that, but then I remember what happened the next day. And what happened to my mom.

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