My Dad, The Payne

So Lets say time froze except for Liam Payne's, Danielle Peazer, and I. But you don't know me, Well get to know me in "My Dad, The Payne".


2. Chapter 1

(Ok guys! So This is all in Ellie's P.O.V so do not except me to put Liam's P.O.V and etc. Thanks hope you enjoy this chapter)

I woke up early this morning to get up before my dad could see me. He is a bother, he never lets me do anything, and I am super tired of it so before anything could happen I woke up early. I woke up at like 5:00 am and god was I tired, but it was the first day of being a senior and I was ready I already took a shower and everything. Of course, he probably heard me quickly turning on the shower "Early riser today, I am surprised usually we have to drag you out of bed." he said smiling hugging me around my waist. "Dad, please I am now 17 no more huggies and kissies OK!" I said smiling turning around, then mom woke up "Still calling hugs and kisses Huggies and Kissies, Liam let go of her, she has a long busy day." she grabbed a coffee cup and made breakfast when Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Niall walked in "Heyyy Ellie Marie" Harry said smiling I smiled back of course, he was my crush, but I can't date him my dad says so. I giggled while saying this "Hey Harold, you are looking very handsome today". He laughed and I looked over my shoulder and saw my dad giving me the angry look. So I walked outside looked down and I saw my car keys gone they were still inside. I knocked on the door. My dad opened the door and said "Forgetting something?" with my keys in his hand and I smiled and said "Yeah, thanks, oh hey I am going to Jenia's house after school we are having a First Day as A Senior party kay! Bye love you!" Today I walked into something that hit me for life, a senior and I was ready. I was a Adult a full amazing Adult! Ready for the world and I was happy.


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